Gold is a chemical element with symbol Au (from Latin: aurum) and atomic number 79. In its purest form, it is a bright, slightly reddish yellow, dense, soft, malleable and ductile metal. Chemicall...
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The brilliance of Cartier jewelry
The Paris jewelry house Cartier has been dazzling customers since 1847, catering to European aristocrats and, later, Hollywood royalty. Jane Pauley visits an exhibition of iconic Cartier jewels at the...
Inside Tiffany's Secret Room for Top Spenders
June 13 (Bloomberg) -- Behind two sets of ornate doors at Tiffany's New York flagship store is a top-secret room. The Salon houses Tiffany's most over-the-top pieces. The way you gain access is by ref...
Miniature Worlds Crafted Inside Wooden Rings By Secret Wood | Designwrld
Canadian jewelry maker Secret Wood designs and produces beautiful and unique wooden rings that encompass little worlds inside them.
These Are The Countries With The Biggest Gold Reserves
Gold's price has increased by more than 25% so far in 2016, and in July analysts from UBS argued that the metal has entered a so-called new phase.
Skeletons, Coins Found In Dig Of Ancient Pompeii Shop
Italian and French archaeologists have discovered four skeletons and gold coins in the ruins of an ancient shop on the outskirts of Pompeii. 
King Tutankhamun Owned An Ancient 'Cosmic Dagger' That Came From Outer Space
The Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun was buried alongside a dagger made from the metal of a meteorite, archaeologists have revealed.
Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry Collection
On December 13 2011 at Christies auction, Liz Taylor`s beloved Cognac Diamond achieves a world record breaking price of 2.3 million, 13 times its estimate of $180,000. Time to Invest in Brown Color Di...
7 Historical Hoaxes
Throughout history, sometimes discoveries that at first seemed significant later turned out to be hoaxes. From Drake’s Plate of Brass, a practical joke that got out of hand and wound up in school text...
The NYC Sanitation Worker Who Has A Beautiful Collection Of Trash Worth $160,000 After 30 Years On The Job
For 30 years, sanitation worker Nelson Molina kept New York clean -- and in the process found beauty in other people's garbage, rescuing enough condemned items to fill a warehouse.
Treasures Found Within Very Valuable Viking Hoard Finally Revealed
Around the time the Irish were stamping out the Viking presence in their country, local lore says the Scots and Vikings also fought a battle near Galloway, Scotland.
Metal prospectors discover astonishing treasure hoards from Anglo-Saxon England
Artifacts found buried beneath village farms are rewriting British history.
Spanish Leak Reveals Hidden Chamber In Tutankhamun Tomb Is Full Of Treasures
The Tourism Minister of Egypt Hisham Zaazou may have slipped up during a recent visit to Spain when he revealed startling information about the investigations into a hidden chamber in Tutankhamun
Diver finds $1 million in sunken Spanish treasure
Listen as this diver realizes he's found the jackpot off the Florida coast. The sunken treasure includes 51 gold coins, 40 feet of ornate gold chain, and a r...
Assassinations, Curses, and Stolen Jewels: The 'Blue Diamond Affair' Is Still Darkening Saudi-Thai Relations
Some 25 years ago, a lowly Thai gardener found himself working in a grand palace in Saudi Arabia, half way across the world from his home village. Kriangkrai Techamong mainly tended the lush palace gr...
8 Things You May Not Know About The California Gold Rush
On January 24, 1848, a carpenter working at a mill in northern California made a discovery that would change the course of American history—two gold nuggets. Within a year, tens of thousands of people...
Gold mining
Gold mining is the process of mining of gold or gold ores from the ground. There are several techniques and processes by which gold may be extracted from the earth.
It is impossible to know the ex...
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Isotopes of gold
Gold (Au) has one stable isotope, Au, and 36 radioisotopes, with Au being the most stable with a half-life of 186 days.Gold is currently considered the heaviest monoisotopic element (bismuth formerly ...
Aqua regia
Aqua regia ( "royal water"), aqua regis ( "king's water"), or nitro-hydrochloric acid is a highly corrosive mixture of acids, a fuming yellow or red solution. The mixture is formed by freshly mixing c...
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Gold nugget
A gold nugget is a naturally occurring piece of native gold. Watercourses often concentrate nuggets and finer gold in placers. Nuggets are recovered by placer mining, but they are also found in residu...
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Gold coins
A gold coin is a coin made mostly or entirely of gold. In modern times, most gold coins are intended either to be sold to collectors, or to be used as bullion coins—coins whose nominal value is ...
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Treasure (from Greek θησαυρός - thēsauros, meaning "treasure store", romanized as thesaurus) is a concentration of riches, often one which is considered lost or forgotten until being rediscovered. Som...
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Nazi gold
Nazi gold (German: Raubgold, "stolen gold") is the gold transferred by Nazi Germany to overseas banks during World War II. The regime executed a policy of looting the assets of its victims to fin...
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A goldsmith is a metalworker who specializes in working with gold and other precious metals. Historically, goldsmiths also have made silverware, platters, goblets, decorative and serviceable utensils,...
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Colored gold
Pure gold is slightly reddish yellow in color, but colored gold in various other colors can be produced.Colored golds can be classified to three groups:Pure 100% gold is 24 karat by definition, so all...
Carat (purity)
The carat or karat (symbol: K or kt) is a unit of purity for gold alloys.
Karat purity is measured as 24 times the pure mass divided by the total mass:whereTherefore, 24-karat gold is fine (also i...
Application of gold leaf to a reproduction of a 15th-century panel paintingThe term gilding covers a number of decorative techniques for applying fine gold leaf or powder to solid surfaces such as w...
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