Palacio de los Leones
60°37′56.5″W / 32.947194°S 60.632361°W / -32.947194; -60.632361Palacio de los Leones (Spanish, Palace of the Lions) is the name of the main municipal building of the city of R...
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Casa Rosada
La Casa Rosada (English: The Pink House) is the executive mansion and office of the President of Argentina. The palatial mansion is known officially as Casa de Gobierno, ("House of Government" or ...
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National Institute of Statistics and Census of Argentina
National Statistics and Censuses Institute (Spanish: Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Censos, INDEC) is the Argentine government agency responsible for the collection and processing of statisti...
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Libertador Building
The Libertador Building (Edificio Libertador) is a government building in Buenos Aires, Argentina, housing the Ministry of Defense.
The rapidly growing and modernizing Argentine military of the 19...
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Secretaría de Inteligencia
Secretaría de Inteligencia (Secretariat of Intelligence, S.I.) is the premier intelligence agency of the Argentine Republic and head of its National Intelligence System.Chaired by the Secretary of Sta...
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Pizzurno Palace
The Pizzurno Palace, as the "Sarmiento Palace" is commonly known, is an architectural landmark in the Recoleta section of Buenos Aires and the location of the Argentine Ministry of Education.
A wi...
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Minister of Economy of Argentina
The Minister of Economy is the head of the Ministry of Economy and Public Finance of Argentina, concerned with finance and monetary matters. The position within the Government of Argentina is analogou...
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National Atomic Energy Commission
The National Atomic Energy Commission (Spanish: Comisión Nacional de Energía Atómica, CNEA) is the Argentine government agency in charge of nuclear energy research and development.The agency was c...
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Supreme Court of Argentina
The Supreme Court of Argentina (in Spanish, Corte Suprema de Justicia de la Nación) is the highest court of law of the Argentine Republic. It was inaugurated on 15 January 1863. However, during much o...
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Buenos Aires Customs
The Buenos Aires Customs House (Aduana) is a government building and architectural landmark in the Montserrat section of Buenos Aires.
The French neoclassical building housing the Argentine Genera...
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Buenos Aires City Hall
Buenos Aires City Hall is the executive seat of government of the Argentine capital.
The 1880 Federalization of Buenos Aires was followed by a boom in foreign trade and European immigration, and i...
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Tucumán Government Palace
The Tucumán Government Palace is the executive office building of the Government of the Province of Tucumán.
Tucumán Province, the most populous and economically important in the Argentine Northwe...
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Argentine Senate
The Argentine Senate (Spanish: Honorable Senado de la Nación Argentina) is the upper house of the Argentine National Congress.
The National Senate was established by the Argentine Confederatio...
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Banco de la Nación Argentina
Banco de la Nación Argentina (English: Bank of the Argentine Nation) is the national bank of Argentina, and the largest in the country's banking sector.
The Bank of the Argentine Nation was fo...
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Palacio Haedo
The Palacio Haedo is a 19th-century building on the Avenida Santa Fe in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is located to the south of the Torre de Los Ingleses and the Plaza San Martín and Monument del liber...
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San Martín Palace
San Martín Palace (Palacio San Martín) is located facing Plaza San Martín in the Retiro neighbourhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina and serves as the Ceremonial Headquarters for the Ministry of Foreign ...
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Argentine National Congress Palace
The Palace of the Argentine National Congress (Spanish: Palacio del Congreso Nacional Argentino, often referred locally as Palacio del Congreso) is a monumental building, seat of the Argentine Nat...
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La Plata City Hall
La Plata City Hall is the executive seat of government of the city of La Plata, the capital of Buenos Aires Province, Argentina.
Governor Dardo Rocha's proposal for the establishment of a new capi...
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Argentine Chamber of Deputies
The Chamber of Deputies is the lower house of the Argentine National Congress. This Chamber holds exclusive rights to levy taxes; to draft troops; and to accuse the President, cabinet ministers, and ...
Argentine National Congress
The Congress of the Argentine Nation (Spanish: Congreso de la Nación Argentina) is the legislative branch of the government of Argentina. Its composition is bicameral, constituted by a 72-seat Se...
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Argentine Federal Police
The Policía Federal Argentina (PFA; in English Argentine Federal Police) is a civil police force of the Argentine federal government. The PFA has detachments throughout the country, but its main respo...
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Central Bank of Argentina
The Central Bank of Argentina (Spanish: Banco Central de la República Argentina, BCRA) is the central bank of Argentina.
Established by six Acts of Congress enacted on May 28, 1935, the bank r...
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Dirty War
The Dirty War (Spanish: Guerra Sucia), also known as Process of National Reorganization (Spanish: Proceso de Reorganización Nacional or El Proceso), was the name used by the Argentine Military...
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