St. Xavier's Boys' College
St. Xavier's Boys' College is a national school in Mannar, Sri Lanka.
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St. Joseph's College, Bandarawela
St. Joseph's College is a national school located in Bandarawela, Uva, Sri Lanka. It is also known as Bandarawela St. Joseph's National School. Established in 1909, the school provides primary and s...
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Vavuniya Muslim Maha Vidyalayam
Vavuniya Muslim Maha Vidyalayam is a national school in Vavuniya, Sri Lanka.
All Saints College, Galle
79°51′40″E / 6.90444°N 79.86111°E / 6.90444; 79.86111All Saints College, founded in 1867 in Galle, Sri Lanka, is located in a Dutch fortress in a residential suburb of Galle k...
Isipathana College
Isipathana College (Initially Greenlands College) is a National school located in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Founded in January 1952, the college's initial name was Isipathana Maha Vidalaya, but now it is us...
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Harischandra National College

Harischandra College was established in 1941 by the patronage of Negombo Dharmadutha Association as a tribute offered to Walisinghe Harischandra who was born in this village. On 4 January 1942 by...
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Karawita Central College
Karawita Central College (si:Karawita Central College) is one of the main schools in Nivitigala Division, Ratnapura District, Sabaragamuwa Province, Sri Lanka.
St. Anne's College (Sri Lanka)
St. Anne's College (also referred to as St. Anne's College Kurunegala, Kurunegala St.Anne's, or simply as St. Anne's ) is a Catholic boys' school located in Kurunegala, Sri Lanka. Started by Rev. Bro....
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Manipay Ladies' College
Manipay Ladies' College (Tamil: மானிப்பாய் மகளிர் கல்லூரி Māṉippāy Makaḷir Kallūri, also known as Manipay Ladies' Hindu College) is a provincial school in Manipay, Sri Lanka.
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St. Cecilia's Girls' College
good school St. Cecilia's Girls' College (also known as St. Cecilia's Girls' Maha Vidyalayam or St. Cecilia's Convent) is a national school in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka.
Senanayake National College, Madampe
Senanayake National College is a school in Madampe, in the Puttalam District of Sri Lanka.
Sithivinayagar Hindu College
Sithivinayagar Hindu College is a national school in Mannar, Sri Lanka.
Vigneswara College
Vigneswara College (Tamil: விக்னேசுவரா கல்லூரி Vikṉēcuvarā Kallūri) is a provincial school in Karaveddy, Sri Lanka.In 1952 the volleyball team of the college under the guidance of Mr. N.Sinnatham...
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Madhya Maha Vidyalaya
Madhya Maha Vidyalaya (Sinhala: Central College) in Sri Lanka is a type of government school. Originally established by the Hon. Dr. C.W.W. Kannangara, Minister of Education in the State Council of Ce...
Sri Sumangala College
Sri Sumangala College, in Panadura, Sri Lanka, was founded on March 3, 1909 at Rankoth Viharaya in memory of Ven.Weligama Sri Sumangala Thero, who played an important role in Sri Lankan Buddhism. It i...
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Urumpirai Saiva Tamil Vidyalayam
Urumpirai Saiva Tamil Vidyalayam (Tamil: உரும்பிராய் சைவத்தமிழ் வித்தியாலயம் Urumpirāy Caivattamiḻ Vittiyālayam) is a provincial school in Urumpirai, Sri Lanka.
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Periyakomarasankulam Maha Vidyalayam
Periyakomarasankulam Maha Vidyalayam (Tamil: பெரியகோமரசன்குளம் மகா வித்தியாலயம் Periyakōmaracaṉkuḷam Makā Vittiyālayam) is a provincial school in Periyakomarasankulam, Sri Lanka.
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Kilinochchi Maha Vidyalayam
Kilinochchi Maha Vidyalayam (Tamil: கிளிநொச்சி மகா வித்தியாலயம் Kiḷinocci Makā Vittiyālayam, formerly known as Kanista Maha Vidyalayam) is a provincial school in Kilinochchi, Sri Lanka.
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Mahanama College
Mahanama College is a Sinhala, Buddhist boys school in Colombo which was established in 1954. It is a public school in Sri Lanka. As a national school, it is controlled by the central government, as...
St. Aloysius' College (Galle)
St. Aloysius' College is a leading High School for boys located in Galle, the capital city of Southern Province in Sri Lanka. The school was established in 1895 by recently arrived Belgian Jesuit miss...
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Dudley Senanayake Maha Vidyalaya
Dudley Senanayake College is situated in Park Road Close to Anderson Flats (Colombo 05, Sri Lanka). The school has nearly 2000 students. This school is popular for sports like cricket and rugby. It ha...
Vipulananda Central College
Vipulananda Central College is a provincial school in Karaitivu, Sri Lanka.
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Chavakachcheri Hindu College
Chavakachcheri Hindu College (Tamil: சாவகச்சேரி இந்துக் கல்லூரி Cāvakaccēri Intuk Kallūri, CHC) is a national school in Chavakachcheri, Sri Lanka.
The Saiva Tamil Mixed School was founded by V...
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