Hammer and feather drop: Apollo 15 astronaut David Scott on the Moon enacting the legend of Galileo's gravity experiment. (1.38 MB, ogg/Theora format).Gravity (also called gravitation) is a natural ...
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Nikola Tesla's Amazing Story
Lightning storms and stolen radios: The true story of the War of the Modern Wizards.
Ripples of Gravity, Flashes of Light
More Info: On Aug. 17, 2017, the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Obs...
Neutron Star Collision Simulation
Courtesy of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center CI Lab
Lovely Nature - They built a mirror in the jungle to see...
They built a mirror in the jungle to see how animals would react 🐆🐒
'Spy Monkey' Mistaken For Dead Baby And Mourned By Troop - BBC Earth
This troop of Langur Monkeys show empathetic behaviour as they mourn what they think is a dead baby Langur, which is actually a robotic spy monkey, designed ...
Unbelievable Discovery : Scientists at WSU created a fluid which has negative mass
Learn the story behind the most prominent discovery in mankind till today. The negative mass fluid created at Washington State University opens new doors to ...
Five Monkeys and a Ladder
Shows how the paradigm of mass thinking in cultural context is formed and then preserved/controlled.
The Town Where Everyone Got Free Money
No, nobody stopped working. Inside the experiment that laid the groundwork for the modern guaranteed income movement.
Making metallic hydrogen at Harvard
Nearly a century after it was theorized, Harvard scientists have succeeded in creating metallic hydrogen. In addition to helping scientists answer fundamenta...
Brian Cox visits the world's biggest vacuum chamber
Brian Cox visits NASA’s Space Power Facility in Ohio to see what happens when a bowling ball and a feather are dropped together under the conditions of outer space...
Quantum Levitation
Suspending a superconducting disc above or below a set of permanent magnets. The magnetic field is locked inside the superconductor ; a phenomenon called 'Qu...
2016 Nobel Prize In Physics Awarded To David Thouless, Duncan Haldane And Michael Kosterlitz
They were honored for their work in revealing the secrets of exotic matter. Their discoveries, using advanced mathematics, had boosted research in condensed matter physics and raised hopes for uses in...
A New ‘Einstein’ Equation Suggests Wormholes Hold Key To Quantum Gravity
A new Einsteinian equation, ER=EPR, may be the clue physicists need to merge quantum mechanics with general relativity.
Dark matter may just be a bunch of ancient black holes
An invisible "dark matter" outweighs all the stars in space by 4:1. But gravitational waves may soon unmask the shadowy culprit.
5 Experiments that Could have Destroyed the World
...and they conducted them anyways.
Timeline of gravitational physics and relativity
Timeline of gravitational physics and general relativity
Gravitation (astronomy)
Hammer and feather drop: Apollo 15 astronaut David Scott on the Moon enacting the legend of Galileo's gravity experiment. (1.38 MB, ogg/Theora format).Gravity (also called gravitation) is a natural ...
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Earth's gravity
The gravity of Earth, which is denoted by g, refers to the acceleration that the Earth imparts to objects on or near its surface. In SI units this acceleration is measured in metres per second squared...
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Weightlessness, or an absence of 'weight', is an absence of stress and strain resulting from externally applied mechanical contact-forces, typically normal forces from floors, seats, beds, scales, and...
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Commander David Scott conducting an experiment during the Apollo 15 moon landing.In Newtonian physics, free fall is any motion of a body where its weight is the only force acting upon it. In the con...
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Artificial gravity
Artificial gravity is the theoretical increase or decrease of apparent gravity (g-force) via artificial means, particularly in space, but also on Earth. It can be practically achieved by the use of di...
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Gravitational keyhole
A gravitational keyhole is a tiny region of space where a planet's gravity would alter the orbit of a passing asteroid such that the asteroid would collide with that planet on a given future orbital p...
Gravitational biology
Gravitational biology is the study of the effects gravity has on living organisms. Throughout the history of the Earth life has evolved to survive changing conditions, such as changes in the climate a...
Gravitational wave
In physics, gravitational waves are ripples in the curvature of spacetime that propagate as a wave, travelling outward from the source. Predicted in 1916 by Albert Einstein to exist on the basis of hi...
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Levitation (from Latin levitas "lightness") is the process by which an object is held aloft, without mechanical support, in a stable position.Levitation is accomplished by providing an upward force th...
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Anti-gravity is an idea of creating a place or object that is free from the force of gravity. It does not refer to the lack of weight under gravity experienced in free fall or orbit, or to balancing t...
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Blackett effect
The Blackett effect, also called gravitational magnetism, is the hypothetical generation of a magnetic field by an uncharged, rotating body. This effect has never been observed.
Gravitational mag...
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