A hermit (adjectival form: eremitic or hermitic) is a person who lives in seclusion from society.
In Christianity, the term was originally applied to a Christian who lives the eremitic life out of...
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Anchorite or anchoret (female: anchoress; adj. anchoritic; from Ancient Greek: ἀναχωρητής, anachōrētḗs, "one who has retired from the world", from the verb ἀναχωρέω, anachōréō, signifying "to wit...
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Peter of Mount Athos
Saint Peter of Mount Athos is reputed to have been the first hermit to settle upon the 'Holy Mountain' circa the 8th century. Peter is known to history primarily through unattributable legend.It is r...
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Basolus (Basle) (c.555–c.620) was a French Benedictine and hermit. He was born near Limoges, and then became a monk near Verzy. He spent 40 years as a hermit on a hill near Reims.St-Basle Abbey ...
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Saint Fructus
Saint Fructus (Spanish: San Fruitos, Frutos, Fructos) was a Castilian hermit of the eighth century venerated as a saint. Christian tradition states that he had two siblings, named Valentine (Vale...
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Saint Rubin
Saint Rubin is a saint of the Syrian Orthodox church. He was a stylite of Kartamin. He is commemorated with feast days of August 1 and August 4.
Saint Wiborada of St. Gall (also Guiborat or Weibrath) (died 926) was a member of the Swabian nobility in what is present-day Switzerland. She was an anchoress, Benedictine nun, and martyr, as well as...
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Sun Bu'er
Sun Bu'er (Sun Pu-erh, Chinese: 孫不二), one of the Taoist Seven Masters of Quanzhen, lived c. 1119–1182 C.E. in the Shandong province of China. She was a beautiful, intelligent, wealthy woman, marri...
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