Hillary Clinton 'burst out laughing' at footage of Trump debate prep
The video, shared by former Clinton aide Phillipe Reines, shows Reines standing in as Trump simulating a debate setup for a handshake. The simulated scenario...
Joe Biden: Clinton was never a great candidate
Former Vice President rips Hillary Clinton
President Trump: How & Why...
Pie thinks he knows who is to blame for the rise of Trump...and you're not going to like it! To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, pleas...
REPORT: Obama Forced Hillary to Concede 2016 Election
A new tell-all book reveals the final, agonizing moments of the 2016 Clinton campaign.
Fareed Zakaria's Interviews with Dmitry Peskov About The Kremlin's Side Of The Story. #Kremlin
Thanks for Watching! Please Share and Subscribe! The First 100 Days of President Donald Trump.
Jimmy Carter: Hillary Never Spoke to White, Working People
As the Democratic Party continues to grapple with the inescapable reality of crushing 2016 electoral defeats, former President Jimmy Carter has one request
FBI Leaks 300 pages of Hillary Clinton Top Secret E-mails
This could be the end for Hillary. Fantastic!
Intel Report Says Putin Ordered Campaign To Influence US Election
A declassified U.S. intelligence report released Friday directly accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of ordering a campaign to influence the U.S. election and hurt Hillary Clinton’s candidacy – f...
FBI Never Examined Hacked DNC Servers Itself: Report
The report comes as controversy continues to surround the Intelligence Community’s assessment that Russia was behind the attack on the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s personal...
Federal Appeals Court Reinstates Clinton Email Lawsuits
WASHINGTON—A federal appeals court has ordered lawsuits by Judicial Watch and Cause of Action seeking to force the federal government to recover Hillary Clinton’s missing emails to move forward, rever...
Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush To Attend Trump Inauguration
It will be the first joint public appearance by Trump and Clinton since the three debates that preceded Trump's surprise victory.
Assange tells Hannity: Russia was not our source
Sneak peek at Sean Hannity's exclusive interview with WikiLeaks founder; watch part 1 of the full sitdown on Tuesday night at 10 p.m. ET
John Stossel - Why Trump Beats Hillary on Taxes
Grover Norquist (Americans for Tax Reform) makes the case that Donald Trump is clearly more taxpayer-friendly than Hillary Clinton. http://www.LibertyPen.com
Dick Morris: How Hillary Clinton Became Corrupt
The Inside Story from Dick Morris, chief political advistor to Bill & Hillary for 20 years, and author of Armageddon: How Trump Can Beat Hillary
Hits and misses of the first presidential debate
Panel debates the candidates' stances on 'Hannity'
Marge and Homer Simpson wrestle with the choice in this election.
Donald Trump Nailed The Bitter Truth About Money In Politics
Trump specifically attacked his fellow GOP presidential contender, Jeb Bush, calling the former Florida governor a "puppet to his donors." He elaborated by saying "I know how the system works better t...
Piers Morgan: Hillary Clinton and the hypocritical Democrats aren't defending American democracy
Cast your minds back to a few weeks before the US election, when it never crossed the Hillary camp's elitist, arrogant minds that Trump, the ignorant Neanderthal, could beat her.