Salatiwara was a city of Bronze Age Anatolia. It was besieged by Anitta in the 18th century BC with 1400 infantry and 40 chariots.
Conversion of Paul the Apostle
The Conversion of Paul the Apostle, was, according to the New Testament, an event in the life of Paul the Apostle that led him to cease persecuting early Christians and to become a follower of Jesus. ...
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Alaca Höyük
34°41′44″E / 40.23444°N 34.69556°E / 40.23444; 34.69556Alacahöyük or Alaca Höyük (sometimes also spelled as Alacahüyük, Aladja-Hoyuk, Euyuk, or Evuk) is the site of a Neolithi...
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Kültepe (Turkish: Ash Hill) is an archaeological site located in the Kayseri Province in Turkey. The nearest modern city to Kültepe is Kayseri, about 20 km southwest. It consists of a tell, the a...
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Adana-Mersin Metropolitan Area
The Adana-Mersin metropolitan area lies in the core area of Çukurova and, with a population of 3 million, is one of Turkey's major business and cultural centres. The metropolitan area stretches over 1...
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Hattusa (Hittite: 𒌷𒄩𒀜𒌅𒊭, Ḫa-at-tu-ša, read "Ḫattuša", Turkish: Hattuşaş) was the capital of the Hittite Empire in the late Bronze Age. Its ruins lie near modern Boğazkale, Turkey, within the ...
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Kazo, Hama
Kazo (Arabic: كازو‎), also spelled Kazu, Kâzo,Kazou,Kāzū, is a neighbourhood located in Hama, Syria.
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Sarıçam is a district in the Adana Province of Turkey. Southern section of the district is part of the city of Adana, incorporated as a lower-tier municipality. It is located north of the Yüreğir dist...
Ankuwa was an ancient Hattian and Hittite settlement in central Anatolia. Along with Hattusa and Katapa, it was one of the capitals from which the Hittite kings reigned during the year. Travelling fro...
Kırkkaşık Bedesten
Kırkkaşık Bedesten is a bedesten (covered market) in Tarsus, Turkey
The bedesten is in Tarsus, a district center in Mersin Province. It is situated at 36°55′N 34°54′E / 36.917°N 34...
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Tarsus, Mersin
Tarsus (/ˈtɑrsəs/; Hittite: Tarsa; Greek: Ταρσός; Armenian: Տարսոն) is a historic city in south-central Turkey, 20 km inland from the Mediterranean. It is part of the Adana-Mersin Metropolitan Ar...
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Purushanda (also variously Purushkanda, Purushhattum or Burushattum) was an ancient city-state in central Anatolia, lying south of the Kızılırmak River in what is now modern Turkey. Its site has yet t...
2011 Siege of Hama
The Siege of Hama was among the nation-wide crackdowns by the Syrian government during the early stage of the Syrian civil war. Anti-government protests had been ongoing in the Syrian city of Hama sin...
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Nawair SC
Nawair Sports Club is a Syrian football club, located in the city of Hama.
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Timeline of Hama history
The following is a timeline of the history of the city of Hama, Syria.
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Hama massacre
The Hama massacre (Arabic: مجزرة حماة‎) occurred in February 1982, when the Syrian Arab Army and the Defense Companies, under the orders of the country's then-dictator, Hafez al-Assad, besie...
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Sam'al (Hittite: Yadiya) originally founded as a Hittite colony from 1725-1200 BC. It then emerged as post Hittite, Aramaean Principality, following the collapse of the Hittite Empire in 1200 BC. In 9...
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29°42′00″E / 38.25000°N 29.70000°E / 38.25000; 29.70000Beycesultan ([ˈbejdʒe sulˈtan]) is an archaeological site in western Anatolia, located about 5 km southwest of the ...
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Adana Çimento
Adana Çimento meaning Adana Cement is a Turkish cement company based in Adana, Turkey.It was founded in 1954, with capital of a TL 5,000,000. In 1957 it produced 150,000 tons and by. 2004 production c...
Tarsus Grand Mosque
Tarsus Grand Mosque (Turkish: Tarsus Ulu Cami) is a mosque in Tarsus, Mersin Province, Turkey.
The mosque is at the center of Tarsus in Camii Nur neighbourhood. It is the biggest mosque of Tar...
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Šamuḫa (possibly sited at Kasanlı Pıran) was a city of the Hittites, a religious centre and for a few years military capital for the empire. Samuha's faith was syncretistic. Rene Lebrun in 1976 cal...
Tarsus American College
Tarsus American College or Tarsus American School (official Turkish name: Özel Tarsus Amerikan Lisesi, also known as Tarsus Amerikan Koleji) is a private coeducational high school located in Tarsus, P...
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Altından geçme
Altından geçme (literally: "Do not pass under") is a gate in the city wall of Tarsus, Mersin, Turkey, originally part of a Roman bath.
Tarsus is situated in Çukurova (ancient Cilicia) between Adan...
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Waliwanda is the city mentioned in Tawagalawa letter.
Sapinuwa (sometimes Shapinuwa; Hittite: Šapinuwa) was a Bronze Age Hittite city at the location of modern Ortaköy in the province Çorum in Turkey. It was one of the major Hittite religious and adminis...
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