Komodo vs. Cobra (2005)
When the compound that could make plants grow to super size is fed to komodo dragons and cobras the scientific experiment goes horribly wrong.
Spasms (1983)
Spasms is a 1983 Canadian snake horror movie directed by William Fruet with Peter Fonda and Oliver Reed.
Silent Venom (2009)
The orders were simple pilot a retired submarine to its final port, but when their cargo including 2 genetically enhanced snakes escapes the greatest danger to the mission is already on board.
Monster (1980)
A rural Colombian village near a lake is attacked by a horrible sea serpent creatde by industrial pollution.
Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid (2004)
A scientific expedition sets out to seek a rare flower called the Blood Orchid in Borneo but they also encounter some giant snakes.
The Snake King (2005) - Snake Facts
Deep in the Amazon the remains of a man, approximately 300 years old when he died are discovered. Now they must discover the reason behind this longevity in their way an ancient Amazonian along with t...
Hard Ticket to Hawaii (1987)
Hard Ticket to Hawaii follows 2 undercover operatives for “The Agency",in the fight against crime lord, with a twist, a snake, mutated and contaminated with rat cancer is also on the hunt.
Boa vs Python (2004)
After an very ambitious businessman transports an 80-foot python to the USA and it escapes, the FBI decides that a giant boa is the only way to solve the problem.
Wes Craven, Horror Maestro, Dies at 76
Wes Craven, the famed maestro of horror known for the Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream franchises, died Sunday after a battle with brain cancer. He was 76. Craven, whose iconic Freddy Krueger charac...
SEE IT: Is this the scariest short film ever?
Is this the scariest short movie ever made? The Web is going wild for a minimalistic 2 minute, 42 second film that viewers say guarantees bedroom lights will be left on for good. "Lights Out" begins w...
Horror comics
Horror comics are comic books, graphic novels, black-and-white comics magazines, and manga focusing on horror fiction. Horror comic books reached a peak in the late 1940s through the mid-1950s, when c...
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Ero guro
Ero guro nansensu, frequently shortened to ero guro or just guro, (エログロ, ero-guro) is a literary and artistic movement originating circa 1930 in Japan. Ero guro puts its focus on eroticism, se...
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Horror film
Horror is a film genre seeking to elicit a negative emotional reaction from viewers by playing on the audience's primal fears. Inspired by literature from authors like Edgar Allan Poe, Bram Stoker, Ma...
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Survival horror
Survival horror is a subgenre of video games inspired by horror fiction that focuses on survival of the character and trying to scare the player(s). Although combat can be a part of the gameplay, the ...
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Horror punk
Horror punk (sometimes called horror rock) is a music genre that mixes Gothic and punk rock sounds with morbid or violent imagery and lyrics, which are often influenced by horror films or science fict...
Horror fiction
Horror fiction, horror literature and also horror fantasy are genres of literature, which are intended to, or have the capacity to frighten, scare, or startle their readers by inducing feelings of hor...
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Cold Skin
Cold Skin (orig. Catalan La Pell Freda) is the debut novel by Catalan author Albert Sánchez Piñol. The novel has had remarkable success with numerous reprints and translations venda rights. There will...
Komodo vs. Cobra (2005)
When the compound that could make plants grow to super size is fed to komodo dragons and cobras the scientific experiment goes horribly wrong.
Succulent Space Food for Teething Vampires
Succulent Space Food for Teething Vampires is the second studio album by Indianapolis Christian horror punk band Blaster the Rocketboy, released in 1997. This was the group's final album with Boot to ...
Procession of the Dead (novel)
Procession of the Dead is a book written by Darren O'Shaughnessy (more commonly known by his pen-name Darren Shan) that was originally published in February 1999 in the UK under the name of Ayuamarca....
List of minor 2000 AD stories
This is a list of minor 2000 AD stories.
Absalom is a horror story spin-off from Caballistics, Inc. by Gordon Rennie and Tiernen Trevallion. So far it has spanned three installments "Noblesse Obli...
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Shintaro Kago
Shintaro Kago (駕籠 真太郎, Kago Shintarō, born 1969), is a Japanese guro manga artist. He debuted in 1988 on the magazine COMIC BOX.
Shintaro Kago's style has been called "fashionable paranoia...
Faces of Fear (interview book)
Faces of Fear is a World Fantasy award-winning book (Berkley Books 1985, revised 1990) where writer, critic and lawyer Douglas E. Winter interviews seventeen contemporary British and American horror w...
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Zombie (fictional)
Zombies are fictional undead creatures, typically depicted as mindless, reanimated human corpses with a hunger for human flesh. Zombies are most commonly found in horror and fantasy genre works. The t...
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