Jonathan Pyne House
The Jonathan Pyne House is located in Cape May, Cape May County, New Jersey, United States. The house was built in 1694 and added to the National Register of Historic Places on February 14, 1997.
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John Hale House
The John Hale House (circa 1694), also known as the Rev. John Hale Farm, is a historic Colonial house located at 39 Hale Street, Beverly, Massachusetts. The house is now operated as a nonprofit museu...
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Valentine Whitman House
The Valentine Whitman House is an historic stone ender house on Great Road in Lincoln, Rhode Island. The house is one of the oldest surviving buildings in the state.The large farmhouse was built aroun...
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Checkley Hall
Checkley Hall is a small country house in the parish of Checkley cum Wrinehill, Cheshire, England. The house was built in 1694 by the Delves family of Doddington, replacing an earlier timber-framed h...
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Nieborów Palace
Nieborów Palace is an aristocratic residence located in the village of Nieborów in Poland. Built in the 17th century by one of the greatest Baroque architects, the Dutchman Tylman van Gameren, the bui...
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Potala Palace
The Potala Palace (Tibetan: པོ་ཏ་ལ, Wylie: Po ta la, ZYPY: Bodala; simplified Chinese: 布达拉宫; traditional Chinese: 布達拉宮; pinyin: Bùdálā Gōng) in Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region...
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