Hydroplane racing
Hydroplane racing (also known as hydro racing) is a sport involving racing hydroplanes on lakes and rivers. It is a popular spectator sport in several countries.
The Union Internationale Motonauti...
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Hydroplane racing
f1 boat racing a small clip we made.
2009 Seafair Hydroplane Race Unlimited Racing Heat 3B - YouTube
Feb 9, 2010 ... 2009 Seafair Hydroplane Race Unlimited Racing Heat 3B Live Coverage from KIRO TV.
Hydroplane Racing - YouTube
Feb 6, 2011 ... This is a video featuring many of the old great hydroplane drivers like Bill Muncey , Dean Chenoweth and Chip Hanauer & great racing with flips ...
H1 Unlimited
H1 Unlimited is an Unlimited Hydroplane racing league that is sanctioned by the American Power Boat Association (APBA), and Union Internationale Motonautique (UIM). Until 2009, the series was known as...
Hydroplane (boat)
A hydroplane (or hydro, or thunderboat) is a fast motorboat, where the hull shape is such that at speed, the weight of the boat is supported by planing forces, rather than simple buoyancy.A key aspect...
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Solar Cup
The Solar Cup is an eco-boating competition in Temecula, California. Paid for by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and taking place on Lake Skinner, the competition revolves aroun...