Hynobius is a genus of salamander (Asian salamanders) in the Hynobiidae family, endemic to Japan, Korea, China and Far East Russia.It contains these species:
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Jeju salamander
The Jeju salamander, also spelled Cheju salamander, Hynobius quelpaertensis, is a species of salamander found on various islands and peninsulas off the southwestern coast of the Korean Peninsula, incl...
Kori salamander
The Kori salamander (Hynobius yangi) is a species of salamander endemic to southeastern South Korea. It is a lentic-breeding species similar to the Korean salamander (H. leechi) but is distinguished b...
Hynobius naevius
The Spotted Salamander (Hynobius naevius) is a species of salamander in the Hynobiidae family, that is endemic to Japan. Its natural habitats are temperate forests and rivers.
Korean salamander
The Korean salamander (Hynobius leechii) is the most common species of salamander on the Korean peninsula, and is also found in nearby provinces of China (Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang) and on Jeju...
Liaoning salamander
The Liaoning Salamander (Hynobius mantschuriensis) was a species of salamander in the Hynobiidae family.As of March 2003, it is no longer considered a species.