Oumuamua: Cigar-shaped interstellar object may have been an alien probe, Harvard paper claims
A mysterious cigar-shaped object spotted tumbling through our solar system last year may have been an alien spacecraft sent to investigate Earth, astronomers from Harvard University have suggested.
NASA’s hunt for the next Earth is getting serious
NASA’s hunt for the next Earth is getting serious. Here’s what they’re looking for. (via @Seeker)
An Alien Among us: The Octopus
Octopuses have been around for nearly 300 million years, yet some scientists still believe that they came from outer space.
Massive deposits of ice found under surface of Mars
National Geographic Astronomy columnist Andrew Fazekas says there have been 8 locations showing layers of ice on the surface of Mars. Subscribe to CTV News to watch more videos: https://www.youtube...
'We're not ready to meet aliens': Humans are too stupid and religious to cope with extra-terrestrial life, claims expert -
A professor from Spain says we’re not ready to meet extraterrestrial life Gabriel De la Torre surveyed 116 students from the US, Italy and Spain He found that many had a lack of knowledge in a number ...
If you knew what we do, you will never sleep again - Nasa Director.
Paul Hertz, Director of the Astrophysics Division of the NASA, shared at IMGUR this amazing statement about aliens. Be careful what you wish for. if you guys knew even a fraction of the shit we do, yo...
JAML: Dr. Richard O'Connor, a friend of Dr. Jesse A. Marcel, Jr.
Dr. Richard O'Connor, M.D., founder of the Jesse A. Marcel Library, speaks about his long time friendship with Dr. Marcel and why we can believe that a UFO did crash outside of Roswell NM in July of 1...
Could extraterrestrial life survive on Saturn's icy moon?
Could extraterrestrial life survive on Saturn's icy moon? Follow Space Crafts to learn more about our galaxy and beyond.
Alien Expert Says: We Are Now Sharing Our Planet With A NEW Species Of HUMANS
Mary Rodwell, author, ufologist and hypnotherapist discusses her reasons to believe that a new species of humans is living among us in the interview she gave to best-selling author and alternative new...
"Something Incredible Is Out There" --Scientists on Hunt for Signs of Extraterrestrial Intelligence Detect 15 New Cosmic Radio Bursts From Deep Space
As Carl Sagan was fond of saying: “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." Astronomers on the hunt for signs of extraterrestrial intelligence have detected 15 Fast Radio Bursts from a...
Strange messages coming from the stars are ‘probably’ from aliens, scientists say
Scientists have heard hugely unusual messages from deep in space that they think are coming from aliens. A new analysis of strange modulations in a tiny set of stars appears to indicate that it could ...
New Super-Earth May Be Best Yet for Finding Signs of Life
The potentially habitable world is close enough that existing telescopes could look for an atmosphere and sniff for traces of extraterrestrials.
5 ‘aliens’ discovered near Nazca lines in Peru - Ufologist (VIDEO, POLL)
During a press conference entitled "The mummies of Nazca" in Lima, Peru, UFO enthusiasts and journalists discussed the alleged discovery of alien remains near the Nazca lines of Peru.
UFO Contact Documentary
Everything About UFOs In One Video!!!
Extraterrestrial life
Extraterrestrial life is life that does not originate from Earth. It is also called alien life, or, if it is a sentient and/or relatively complex individual, an "extraterrestrial" or "alien" (or, to...
Evolution (novel)
Evolution is the change in heritable traits of biological organisms over successive generations due to natural selection and other mechanisms.Evolution may also refer to:
Evolution (novel) - Wikipedia
Mermaids: The Body Found
Mermaids is a docufiction that originally aired as Mermaids: The Body Found on May 27, 2012, on Animal Planet and June 17 on Discovery Channel. It tells a story of a scientific team's investigative e...
Mermaids: The Body Found - Wikipedia
Mysterious radio bursts might power alien ships
No one's sure what fast radio bursts are, so some Harvard scientists asked: Why not aliens? Learn more about this story at www.newsy.com/67725/ Find more vid...
The scariest unexplained UFO case ever recorded.
Documentary about the scariest ufo case that haven´t been solved.
DNA Nobel Prize Winner Francis Crick Says our genes Were Planted Here By Aliens Directed Panspermia
Ever hear of Panspermia? It's an idea from Nobel Prize winner Francis Crick. He wrote in the book 'Life Itself', that given how complicated the DNA molecule ...
Anonymous - NASA Is About to Announce the Discovery of Intelligent Alien Life
Anonymous - NASA Is About to Announce the Discovery of Intelligent Alien Life NASA just arrived with a huge announcement about the Intelligent Alien Life! NA...
Testimony Of Dying CIA Official , About UFO's And The Extraterrestrial reality
Video testimony by an anonymous former CIA official was shown at the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure at the National Press Club in Washington, DC on Friday, May 3.
Earth-Like Planet Around Proxima Centauri Discovered
In what may prove to be the most exciting find to date, the German weekly Der Spiegel announced recently that astronomers have discovered an Earth-like planet orbiting Proxima Centauri, just 4.25 lig...
Aquatic ape hypothesis
The aquatic ape hypothesis (AAH), often also referred to as aquatic ape theory (AAT) is a proposal that the evolutionary ancestors of modern humans spent a period of time adapting to a semiaquatic exi...
Aquatic ape hypothesis - Wikipedia
Son of Man (novel)
Son of Man is a 1971 novel written by Robert Silverberg, most known for his science fiction writing. The book is about Clay, a 20th-century man, who travels billions of years into the future and meets...
Stewart Swerdlow - CERN, Blue Beam and the Portal to Hell
How many extraterrestrials are visiting Earth? Is the Project: Blue Beam alien in origin? Stewart Swerdlow unveils our planets history and future at Free You...
Papyrus Reveals Extraterrestrials Visited Ancient Egypt
One of the most intriguing ancient texts, the Tulli Papyrus chronicles one of the earliest mass UFO sightings