Immigration to Brazil
Immigration to Brazil is the movement to Brazil of foreign persons to reside permanently. It should not be confused with the colonisation of the country by the Portuguese, or with the forcible brin...
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Visa policy of Brazil
Visitors to Brazil must obtain a visa from one of the Brazilian diplomatic missions unless they come from one of the visa exempt countries.
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Asian Brazilian
Asian Brazilians (or "Amarelos" (yellow)) Brazilian are Brazilian citizens of full or predominantly East Asian, South Asian and in some cases South East Asian ancestry, who remains culturally connecte...
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Slavery in Brazil
Slavery in Brazil began long before the first Portuguese settlement was established in 1532, as members of one tribe would enslave captured members of another.Later, colonists were heavily dependent o...
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Greek Brazilian
Greek Brazilians (Greek: Ελληνοβραζαλιάνοι) are Brazilian residents of either full or partial Greek ancestry. They are located throughout Brazil with numbers of about 50,000 people and with 20,000 Gre...
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German Brazilian
A German Brazilian (German: Deutschbrasilianer, Riograndenser Hunsrückisch: Deitschbrasiliooner, Portuguese: teuto-brasileiro) is a Brazilian person of ethnic German ancestry or origin. German Bra...
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Same-sex immigration policy in Brazil
Same-sex immigration policy in Brazil or immigration equality is legal in Brazil since December 3, 2003, and the new text is of January 29, 2008. The Federal Police of Brazil, located in the Brazilia...
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Brazilian Visa Project
The Brazilian Visa Project is the name given by historians to the Catholic Church's project during World War II of allowing converted Jews to emigrate to Brazil in order to escape persecution in the E...
Austrian Brazilian
An Austrian Brazilian (Portuguese: Austro-brasileiro, Austríaco brasileiro) is a Brazilian person of full, partial, or predominantly Austrian ancestry, or an Austrian-born person residing in Brazil.
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Ukrainian Brazilian
Ukrainians of Brazil (Portuguese: Ucraino-brasileiro, Ucraniano-brasileiro; Ukrainian: Українці Бразилії, Ukrayintsi Brazylii) are Brazilian citizens born in Ukraine, or Brazilians of Ukrainia...
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Polish Brazilian
A Polish Brazilian is a Brazilian person of full or partial Polish ancestry, who is aware of such ancestry and remains connected, in some degree, to Polish culture, or a Polish-born person permanently...
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Chinese Brazilian
Chinese Brazilians (Portuguese: Sino-brasileiro or Chinês-brasileiro; Chinese: 巴西华人 or 巴西华裔) are people of Chinese ancestry who were born in or have immigrated to Brazil. The Chinese Brazilian...
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Scottish Brazilian
Scottish Brazilian (Portuguese: Escoto-brasileiro) is a Brazilian person of full, partial, or predominantly Scottish ancestry, or a Scottish-born person residing in Brazil.
Croatian Brazilian
Croatian Brazilian (Croato-brasileiro, Croata brasileiro) is a Brazilian person of full, partial, or predominantly Croat ancestry, or a Croat-born person residing in Brazil.It is estimated that 45,000...