Imperialism in Asia
"Imperialism in Asia" may refer to:
French Indochina
France driven out from Vietnam. Major Sei Igawa and 700 officers of the Japanese military participated in this war.
Dutch colonial empire
The Dutch Empire (Dutch: Nederlands-koloniale Rijk) comprised the overseas territories controlled by the Dutch Republic and, later, the modern Netherlands from the 17th century t...
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Dutch East Indies
The Dutch East Indies (or Netherlands East Indies; Dutch: Nederlands-Indië; Indonesian: Hindia Belanda) was a Dutch colony that became modern Indonesia following World War II. It w...
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Company rule in India
Company rule in India (sometimes, Company Raj, "raj," lit. "rule" in Hindi) refers to the rule or dominion of the British East India Company on the Indian subcontinent. This is variously taken to have...
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British Raj
The British Raj (rāj, meaning "rule" in Hindi) was British rule in the Indian subcontinent between 1858 and 1947. The term can also refer to the period of dominion. The region under British con...
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Indian independence movement
The term Indian Independence Movement encompasses activities and ideas aiming to end first East India Company rule (1757–1858), then the British Raj (1858–1947). The independence movement saw various...
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French Indochina
French Indochina (French: Indochine française; Khmer: សហភាពឥណ្ឌូចិន, Vietnamese: Đông Dương thuộc Pháp, [ɗoŋm zɰəŋ tʰuə̀k fǎp], frequently abbreviated to Đông Pháp), officially k...
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The Great Game
"The Great Game" was the strategic rivalry and conflict between the British Empire and the Russian Empire for supremacy in Central Asia. The classic Great Game period is generally regarded as running ...
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Russian conquest of Siberia
The Russian conquest of Siberia took place in the 16th and 17th centuries, when the Khanate of Sibir had become a loose political structure of vassalages which were becoming undermined by the activiti...
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List of foreign enclaves in China
The following is a list of former foreign enclaves in China.
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History of United States overseas expansion
This is a United States territorial acquisitions and conquests list, beginning with American independence. Note that this list primarily concerns land the United States acquired from other nation-stat...
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Japanese imperialism
The following locations represent the maximum extent of Japanese Empire control of lands in the Pacific during the peak of its empire in World War II.
This is a list of regions occupied or annexed...
Japanese expansionism
Japanese militarism (日本軍國主義 or 日本軍国主義, Nihon gunkoku shugi) refers to the ideology in the Empire of Japan that militarism should dominate the political and social life of the nation, and that ...
Chalisa famine
The Chalisa famine of 1783–84 in South Asia followed unusual El Niño events that began in 1780 and caused droughts throughout the region. Chalisa (literally, "of the fortieth" in Hindustani) refers t...
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Dutch intervention in Bali (1858)
Dutch intervention in Bali of 10–26 December 1858 was the fourth punitive expedition of the Royal Netherlands East Indies Army (KNIL) on the island. This expedition was directed against certain chiefs...
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Edi Expedition
The Edi-expedition (Dutch:Edi-expeditie) was a Dutch expedition in 1890 to Edi, a small state on the east coast of Aceh .
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East India Company
The East India Company (EIC), more properly called the Honourable East India Company (HEIC), was an English joint-stock company, formed to pursue trade with the East Indies, but which ended up tradin...
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Timeline of major famines in India during British rule (1765 to 1947)
This is a timeline of major famines on the Indian subcontinent during the years of British rule in India from 1765 to 1947. The famines included here occurred both in the princely states (regions adm...
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Second Bone War
The Second Bone War (or Makasar expedition) was a punitive expedition of the Royal Netherlands East Indies Army to Bone state, South Sulawesi, in January 1825.
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Siege of Tourane
The Siege of Tourane (September 1858–March 1860) was a Vietnamese victory during the Cochinchina Campaign, a punitive campaign against the Vietnamese launched by France and Spain in 1858. A joint Fra...
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Budi Utomo
Budi Utomo (also Boedi Oetomo; "Prime Philosophy") was the first native political society in the Dutch East Indies. The political society is considered instrumental on the beginning of the Indonesian ...
Island of Palmas Case
Island of Palmas Case, (Scott, Hague Court Reports 2d 83 (1932), (Perm. Ct. Arb. 1928), 2 U.N. Rep. Intl. Arb. Awards 829), was a case involving a territorial dispute over the Island of Palmas (or Mia...
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Second expedition to Palembang
The Second expedition to Palembang was a punitive expedition of the Royal Dutch East Indies Army to Palembang in 1821. The Dutch commander Hendrik Merkus de Kock succeeded in coming to an agreement ...
Max Havelaar
Max Havelaar: Or the Coffee Auctions of the Dutch Trading Company (Dutch: Max Havelaar, of de koffi-veilingen der Nederlandsche Handel-Maatschappy) is an 1860 novel by Multatuli (the pen name of E...
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First Bone War
The First Bone War (or First Bone Expedition) was a punitive expedition of the Royal Netherlands East Indies Army on Bone state, Sulawesi in 1824.
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First expedition to Palembang
The First expedition to Palembang was a punitive expedition of the Royal Dutch East Indies Army to Palembang in 1819. The expedition ended in a failure for the Dutch.
Sino-French War
The Sino-French War (simplified Chinese: 中法战争; traditional Chinese: 中法戰争; pinyin: Zhōngfǎ Zhànzhēng, French: Guerre franco-chinoise, Vietnamese: Chiến tranh Pháp-Thanh), also known...
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Poenale sanctie
The poenale sanctie (penal sanction) was a legal penalty in both Suriname and the Dutch East Indies.
The poenale sanctie was a part of the Koelie Ordonnantie ('Coolie Ordinance') of 1880 and stip...
Roelof Diodati
Roelof Diodati (Dordrecht, 28 July 1658 – Batavia, 10 March 1723) was a governor of Dutch Mauritius in the late 17th century.
Diodati was from Swiss-Italian descent. His grandfather was Jean Dioda...
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Economy of India under Company rule
The Economy of India under Company rule describes the economy of those regions (contemporaneously British India) that fell under Company rule in India during the years 1756 to 1857.
In the remnant...
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