Max Tera
Max Tera (25 October 1920 – 1 October 1992) was an Indonesian cinematographer and editor. He was employed by PERFINI in the 1950s and was a frequent collaborator with director Usmar Ismail.
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Lilik Sudjio
Lilik Sudjio (born in Makassar, 14 May 1930, died in Jakarta, 9 December 2014) is an Indonesian actor turned film director who won the Citra Award for Best Director in 1955 for his film Tarmina. He ha...
Sastha Sunu
Sastha Sunu is a noted Indonesian film editor who has worked on several of Indonesia's most prominent films since 2001.In 2002 he edited the film Ca-bau-kan and in 2005 Gie.