Industrial warfare
Industrial warfare is a period in the history of warfare ranging roughly from the early 19th century and the start of the Industrial Revolution to the beginning of the Atomic Age, which saw the rise o...
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Sept 8, 1941-The Siege Of Leningrad Begins
On September 8, 1941, German forces closed in around the Soviet city of Leningrad, initiating a siege that would last nearly 900 days and claim the lives of 800,000 civilians.
7 U.S. Sailors Missing After Navy Missile Destroyer Collided With Philippines Cargo Ship!
At least 3 injured including ship's commanding officer and 7 missing after US Navy destroyer collides with merchant vessel off Japan
Animation shows the deadly evolution of nuclear weapons
It's been decades since the United States dropped the first atomic bomb. Since then, the exponential increase of the destructive power of nuclear weapons is ...
Russian nuclear-capable bombers fly near Japan
Fly-by is the latest sign of increasing tensions
North Korea warns of a nuclear attack against the US
President Trump continues to show his willingness to go it alone and punish rogue states; Kevin Corke reports for 'Special Report'
New Nuclear Arms Race? Pres.-Elect Donald Trump: U.S. Must Strengthen, Expand
After deviating often from longstanding U.S. nuclear weapons policy during his campaign, Trump signaled Thursday that he will push as president to expand nuc...
Diver Stumbles Upon Long-Lost Nuke While Hunting Sea Cucumbers
A diver in British Columbia stumbled upon a strange object that may be a long lost nuclear weapon.
Putin suspends nuclear pact, raising stakes in row with Washington| Reuters
Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday suspended a treaty with Washington on cleaning up weapons-grade plutonium, signaling he is willing to use nuclear disarmament as a new bargaining chip in dis...
Nevada Is Site Of First-Ever Underground Nuclear Explosion - Sep 19, 1957
On this day in History, Nevada is site of first-ever underground nuclear explosion on Sep 19, 1957. Learn more about what happened today on History.
North Korea Conducts Fifth Nuclear Test, Claims It Has Made Warheads With ‘Higher Strike Power’
World leaders condemned North Korea's the test and said they would look for ways to punish Pyongyang.
A secret group easily bought the raw ingredients for a dirty bomb – here in America
A clandestine congressional operation exposed gaps in U.S. controls over sales of radioactive "dirty bomb" materials
After 70 Years Of Waiting, WWII ‘Memphis Belle’ Gunner, 94, Revisits Britain. And Dies Quietly There.
Just outside the bunker where Churchill famously said, "Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few," Melvin Rector quietly passed away.
N. Korea must be ready to deploy nuclear weapons at 'any moment' - Kim Jong-un
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un says his country must be ready to use nuclear weapons at “any moment,” while the military should be in “pre-emptive attack mode” to combat external threats. Kim also s...
These Graphics Show The Crucial Differences Between The World's 3 Types Of Aircraft Carrier
Aircraft carriers are the ultimate symbol of a country's military power and prestige. These floating islands of military power take years to build, and they do not come cheap: The first of the US's ne...
Total war
Total war is a war that may include any and all civilian-associated resources and infrastructure as legitimate military targets, and accepts significant civilian or other non-combatant casualties as c...
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Conscription, or drafting, is the compulsory enlistment of people in a national service, most often a military service. Conscription dates back to antiquity and continues in some countries to th...
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Motorised infantry
In NATO and most other western countries, motorized infantry is infantry that is transported by trucks or other un-protected motor vehicles. It is distinguished from mechanized infantry, which is carr...
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Mechanized infantry
Mechanized infantry are infantry equipped with armored personnel carriers (APCs) or infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) for transport and combat (see also mechanized force).Mechanized infantry is distin...
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Sealift is a term used predominantly in military logistics and refers to the use of cargo ships for the deployment of military assets, such as weaponry, vehicles, military personnel, and supplies. It ...
Airlift (military)
An airlift is the organized delivery of military supplies or military personnel primarily via military transport aircraft.Airlifting consists of two distinct types, strategic and tactical airlifting....
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Military communications
Military communications or military signals involve all aspects of communications, or conveyance of information, by armed forces. Military communications span from pre-history to the present. The earl...
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Land warfare
Ground warfare or land warfare is the process of military operations eventuating in combat that take place predominantly on the land surface of the planet. Land warfare is categorized by the use of la...
Artillery is a class of large military weapons built to fire munitions far beyond the range of infantry's small arms. Early artillery development focused on the ability to breach fortifications, and l...
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Machine gun
A machine gun is a fully automatic mounted or portable firearm, usually designed to fire bullets in quick succession from an ammunition belt or magazine, typically at a rate of three to eighteen hundr...
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Field Artillery in the American Civil War
Field artillery in the American Civil War refers to the important artillery weapons, equipment, and practices used by the Artillery branch to support the infantry and cavalry forces in the field. It d...
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Maneuver warfare
Maneuver warfare, or manoeuvre warfare, is the term used by military theorists for a concept of warfare that advocates attempting to defeat the enemy by incapacitating their decision-making through sh...
Naval warfare
Naval warfare is combat in and on seas, oceans, or any other major bodies of water such as large lakes and wide rivers.
Mankind has fought battles on the sea for more than 3,000 years. Even in the...
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Aerial warfare
Aerial warfare is the use of military aircraft and other flying machines in warfare. Aerial warfare includes bombers attacking enemy concentrations or strategic targets; fighter aircraft battling for ...
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