Austin package bomb attacks timeline | Fox News
Police are on high alert in Austin, Texas, after a string of package deliveries have left at least two people dead and several others injured after explosions rocked their homes.
Animated timeline shows how Silicon Valley became a $2.8 trillion neighborhood
Silicon Valley is a name that is synonymous with the technology industry, but when and how did this small area of California become the center of the tech wo...
Forgive me, techies, but here are the seven reasons why Silicon Valley likes Trump
There are some very good reasons why many in tech are actually welcoming the incoming administration of Donald Trump. Recode reports.
Silicon Valley looking to its next big thing: AI
With markets for products and services maturing and saturated, tech needs a next big thing, and it’s here: artificial intelligence.
The secretive brain trust of Silicon Valley insiders who are helping Trump
Billionaire tech investor Peter Thiel is putting together a prominent group to share ideas with the Trump transition team. But he’s having trouble finding takers.
Peter Thiel's Bet on Donald Trump Pays Off
Peter Thiel at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland in July. Credit Stephen Crowley/The New York SAN FRANCISCO - Peter Thiel, the billionaire investor at odds with much of Silicon Valley, w...
Smart Drugs: What Silicon Valley's on
Harder, better, faster -- the Silicon Valley way of life. Where your mind is your money, some techies are turning to smart drugs to enhance brain performance.
Crime-Fighting Robots Now Patrolling The Streets Of California
Silicon Valley Deploys Crime-Fighting Robots To Patrol The Streets Day and Night In the latest development from Silicon Valley, a Palo Alto startup called
What it's like to be a secret Donald Trump supporter in Silicon Valley
"A Trump presidency would allow the Valley to focus on what it does best: dreaming and building the technology of the future, leaving politics for DC types."
Austin Voters Reject Uber, Lyft Plan For Self-Regulation
Despite an $8 million dollar campaign by ride-hailing companies, Austin-area voters on Saturday rejected a proposal by Uber and Lyft to self-regulate their drivers and mandated stricter rules on the c...
Silicon Valley appears open to helping US spy agencies after terrorism summit
Obama administration acknowledges ‘complicated first amendment issues’ after top counter-terrorism officials traveled to California to woo technology executives from companies including Apple, Faceboo...
Obama’s top national security officials to meet with Silicon Valley CEOs
The meeting is aimed at finding ways for government and tech firms to work together to counter terrorism.
Silicon Valley tech workers take microdoses of LSD drug to improve problem-solving
An increasing trend of young twenty-something tech professionals are taking tiny amounts of the psychedelic drug LSD in order to help them think outside the box and increase their productivity at work...
The Impossible Just Happened In Texas...They Were Actually Paying People To Use Their Electricity.
In the wee hours of the morning on Sunday, the mighty state of Texas was asleep. The honky-tonks in Austin were shuttered, the air-conditioned office towers of Houston were powered down, and the wind ...
Rare Photos Documenting Life in Silicon Valley during the Digital Revolution
From 1985 to 2000, photographer Doug Menuez had unparalleled access to the private daily lives of Steve Jobs and other brilliant innovators during the rise and fall of Silicon Valley's golden age. New...
Palo Alto entity buys $47.5 million Belvedere mansion
The entity listed as new owner of a $47.5 million Belvedere mansion shares a Silicon Valley office suite address with others including a noted high-tech venture capitalist, but a publicist says he had...
MSC Malaysia
MSC Malaysia (formerly the Multimedia Super Corridor, and also known as the MSC in Malaysia) is a Special Economic Zone in Malaysia. The Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) program was officially inaugura...
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Computer museum
A computer museum is devoted to the study of historic computer hardware and software, where a museum is a "permanent institution in the service of society and of its development, open to the public, w...
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Silicon Valley
Silicon Valley is a nickname for the southern portion of the San Francisco Bay Area in the United States. It is home to many of the world's largest high-tech corporations, as well as thousands of tech...
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Zhongguancun (simplified Chinese: 中关村; traditional Chinese: 中關村; pinyin: Zhōngguāncūn), or Zhong Guan Cun, is a technology hub in Haidian District, Beijing, China.It is geographically situ...
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The Googleplex is the corporate headquarters complex of Google, Inc., located at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway in Mountain View, Santa Clara County, California, United States, near San Jose.The original c...
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Jožef Stefan Institute
The Jožef Stefan Institute (IJS) (Slovene: Institut "Jožef Stefan"), is the largest research institute in Slovenia. The main research areas are physics, chemistry, molecular biology, biotechnology...
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Austin package bomb attacks timeline | Fox News
Police are on high alert in Austin, Texas, after a string of package deliveries have left at least two people dead and several others injured after explosions rocked their homes.
East London Tech City
East London Tech City (also known as Tech City or Silicon Roundabout) is a technology cluster located in Central and East London. It broadly occupies the part of London's East End between Old Street (...
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Personal Computer Museum
The Personal Computer Museum is located in Brantford, Ontario, Canada, located in a former city building that is built from reclaimed bricks from the Brantford Opera House.Over fifty interactive perso...
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