Iran Election: Reformists Poised To Win Seats
Early election results in Iran indicate major support for reformists and supporters of President Hassan Rouhani, who signed last year's landmark nuclear deal.
Shaykh Tusi
Shaykh Tusi (Persian: شیخ توسی‎), full name: Abu Jafar Muhammad Ibn Hassan Tusi (Persian: ابوجعفر محمد بن حسن توسی‎), known as Shaykh al-Taʾifah (Arabic: شيخ الطائفة‎) was a prom...
Iran Election: Reformists Poised To Win Seats
Early election results in Iran indicate major support for reformists and supporters of President Hassan Rouhani, who signed last year's landmark nuclear deal.
Mohammad-Taqi Ja'fari
Allameh Mohammad-Taqi Ja'fari (1923 - 15 November 1998) born in Tabriz was an Iranian scholar, thinker, and theologian.
After elementary school, Muhammad Taqi studied at the Talebieh seminary, and...
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Mahmud ibn Ali al-Qashani
Mahmud ibn Ali al-Qashani (Arabic: محمود بن على بن محمد القاشانى ) a Sufi scholar and Islamic author from Kashan, Persia. He died in 735 H.E. / 1335 A.D.
Mehdi Hamidi Shirazi
Mehdi Hamidi Shirazi (Persian: مهدی حمیدی‎) (born 1914 Shiraz, Iran, died 1 July 1986, Tehran, Iran) was an Iranian poet and university professor.
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Qazi Mian Muhammad Amjad
Qazi Mian Muhammad Amjad (Urdu: قاضی میاں محمد امجد‎), was an eminent legal scholar of Qur'an, Hadith, and the Hanafi school of Islamic law. He was an acknowledged authority on Muslim jurisp...
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Mohammad-Amin Riahi
Mohammad-Amin Riahi (1 June 1923, Khoy - 15 May 2009, Tehran) (Persian: محمدامین ریاحی‎) was a prominent Iranian literary scholar of Persian literature, a historian, writer and statesman. Apar...
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Islamic Government: Governance of the Jurist
Velayat-e faqih (Persian: ولایت فقیه‎, velāyat-e faqīh), also known as Islamic Government (Persian: حکومت اسلامی‎, Hokumat-i Eslami), is a book by the Iranian Shia Muslim cleric and revolu...
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Ali Shariati
36°20′28.98″E / 33.4450361°N 36.3413833°E / 33.4450361; 36.3413833Ali Shariati (Persian: علی شریعتی ‎,  23 November 1933 – 19 June 1977) was an Iranian revolutiona...
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Dariush Shayegan
Dariush Shayegan (born 2 February 1935 in Tehran) (Persian: داریوش شایگان‎) is one of Iran's prominent thinkers, cultural theorists and comparative philosophers.
Shayegan studied at Sorbonne...
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Iranian Revolution
The Iranian Revolution (also known as the Islamic Revolution or the 1979 Revolution; Persian: انقلاب اسلامی, Enghelābe Eslāmi or انقلاب بیست و دو بهمن) refers to events involving the overthrow of the ...
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Muhammad Husayn Tabatabaei
Muhammad Husayn Tabataba'i or Seyed Mohammad Hossein Tabataba'i (Persian: علامه سید محمد حسین طباطبائی‎, 16 March 1903 – 7 November 1981) was one of the most prominent thinkers of philosophy and...
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Ibn Khalawayh
Ibn Khalawayh (ابن خالويه; full name Abu `Abd Allah al-Husayn ibn Ahmad ibn Khalawayh, (born in Hamadan, Yemen - d. AH 370 / AD 980/1) was a 10th-century Persian scholar of Arabic grammar and Koranic ...
Mehdi Forough
Mehdi Forough (1911–2008) was an Iranian scholar, author, dramatist, writer on dramatic arts and culture, translator, and founder of the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Tehran. A native of Esfahan, Mehdi...
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History of political Islam in Iran
The history of Islamic Principlism in Iran covers the history of Islamic revivalism and the rise of political Islam in modern Iran. Today, there are basically three types of Islam in Iran: traditional...
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Ahmad Fardid
Ahmad Fardid (Persian: سید احمد فردید‎) (Born in 1909, Yazd – 16 August 1994, Tehran) was a prominent Iranian philosopher and an inspiring and dedicated professor of Tehran University. He is con...
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Hussein-Ali Montazeri
Hussein-Ali Montazeri (1922 – 19 December 2009; Persian: حسینعلی منتظری‎‎) was a prominent Iranian scholar, Islamic theologian, Shia Islamic democracy advocate, writer and human rights act...
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Habibollah Hedayat
Dr. Habibollah Hedayat (دکتر حبیب الله هدایت) (1917-2013), known as the father of modern nutrition sciences of Iran, is the founder of the Institute and Faculty of Nutrition and Food Science of Iran (...
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Mohammad Jafar Mahjoub
Dr. Mohammad Jafar Mahjoub (Persian: محمدجعفر محجوب‎) (23 August 1924 - 17 February 1996) was a prominent Iranian scholar of Persian literature, essayist, translator and teacher.
Dr. Mahjoub...
Ahmad Zeidabadi
Ahmad Zeidabadi (born in 21 July 1965 in Zeidabad, Sirjan) is an Iranian journalist, academic, writer and political analyst and the secretary general of Office for Strengthening Unity. He is one of th...
Mozaffar Partowmah
Mozaffar Partowmah (Persian: مظفر پرتوماه‌) (May 22, 1939 – February 14, 2006) was a well-known scholar of Islam and Nuclear physics. Partowmah was born in the Sanandaj area of Kurdistan, Iran).
Abu 'l-Fadl ibn al-'Amid
Abu 'l-Fadl Muhammad ibn Abi Abdallah al-Husayn ibn Muhammad al-Katib, commonly known after his father as Ibn al-'Amid (died 970) was a Persian statesman who served as the vizier of the Buyid ruler Ru...
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June 5, 1963 demonstrations in Iran
The demonstrations of June 5 and 6, 1963, in Iran (also called the uprising, or the events of June 1963, and known in Iran by the Iranian calendar as 15 Khordad (Persian: نهضت پانزده خرداد‎)) we...
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Meher Ali Shah
Meher Ali Shah (Urdu: پیر م‍ﮩ‍رعلى شاه ) was a Sufi scholar, known to his followers as a saint, who was born on 14 April 1859 (1 Ramadan, 1275 A.H.) in Golra Sharif, which is located midway between ...
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