The Irgun (Hebrew: אִרְגּוּן; full title: הָאִרְגּוּן הַצְּבָאִי הַלְּאֻמִּי בְאֶרֶץ יִשְׂרָאֵל Hā-ʾIrgun Ha-Tzvaʾī Ha-Leūmī b-Ērētz Yiśrāʾel, lit. "The National Military Organization in the Land of I...
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Irgun and Lehi internment in Africa
From 1944 to 1948, Irgun and Lehi men being held without trial at the Latroun concentration camp were deported by the British Mandate of Palestine authorities to internment camps in Africa, located in...
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The Hunting Season
The Hunting Season or The Saison (Hebrew: הסזון‎, short for French: la saison de chasse) was the name given to the Haganah's suppression of the Irgun's insurgency against the government of t...
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The Jewish Resistance Movement
The Jewish Resistance Movement (Hebrew: תנועת המרי העברי‎, Tnu'at HaMeri HaIvri, literally Hebrew Rebellion Movement), also called United Resistance Movement (URM), was an alliance of the Zionis...
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Acre Prison break
The Acre Prison break was an operation undertaken by the Irgun on May 4, 1947 in the British Mandate of Palestine, in which its men broke through the walls of Acre prison and freed 28 incarcerated Irg...
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The Sergeants affair
The Sergeants affair (Hebrew: פרשת הסרג'נטים‎) was an incident that took place in Mandate Palestine in July 1947 during the Jewish insurgency in Palestine, in which the Jewish underground group ...
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1948 Arab-Israeli War
The 1948 Arab–Israeli War or the First Arab–Israeli War was fought between the State of Israel and a military coalition of Arab states and Palestinian Arab forces. This war formed the second stage of ...
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Altalena Affair
The Altalena Affair was a violent confrontation that took place in June 1948 between the newly created Israel Defense Forces and the Irgun (also known as IZL), one of the Jewish paramilitary groups th...
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Kol Tsion HaLokhemet
Kol Tsion HaLokhemet (Hebrew: קוֹל צִיּוֹן הלוֹחֶמֶת ‎) (lit. "Voice of Fighting Zion") was the underground radio station of the Irgun.
Kol Zion HaLokhemet was operated from February 1...
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