Butaritari is an atoll located in the Pacific Ocean island nation of Kiribati. It is the most fertile of the Gilbert Islands, with relatively good soils (for an atoll) and high rainfall. Butaritari...
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Caroline Island
150°12′41.40″W / 9.9369806°S 150.2115000°W / -9.9369806; -150.2115000Location of Caroline Island in the Pacific OceanCaroline Island or Caroline Atoll (also known as Millenniu...
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Howland and Baker islands
Howland and Baker islands are two nearby uninhabited U.S. atolls in the Equatorial Pacific that are wildlife refuges, the larger of which is Howland Island:In addition to the article title, there are ...
Kiritimati, sometimes Christmas Island, is a Pacific Ocean raised coral atoll in the northern Line Islands, and part of the Republic of Kiribati.The name "Kiritimati" is a rather straightforward respe...
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Line Islands
156°30′W / 2°S 156.5°W / -2; -156.5Location of the Line Islands in the Pacific OceanThe Line Islands, Teraina Islands or Equatorial Islands, is a chain of eleven atolls and lo...
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Îles du Connétable
Location of the Îles du Connétable in the Atlantic OceanThe Îles du Connétable (Constable Islands) are two islands within French Guiana (Grand Connétable and Petit Connétable) that were claimed under ...
Pukapuka-Nassau (Cook Islands electorate)
Pukapuka-Nassau is a Cook Islands electoral division returning one member to the Cook Islands Parliament. Its current representative is Tekii Lazaro, who has held the seat since 2011.The electorate c...
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Serranilla Bank
Serranilla Bank (Spanish: Isla Serranilla or Banco Serranilla) is a partially submerged reef, with small uninhabited islets, in the western Caribbean Sea. It is situated about 350 kilometres (220&...
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Kingman Reef
Kingman Reef /ˈkɪŋmən/ is a largely submerged, uninhabited triangular shaped reef, 9.5 nautical miles (18 km) east-west and 5 nautical miles (9 km) north-south, located in the North Pacific ...
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Niualuka is an islet of Nukufetau, Tuvalu.
178°25′46″E / 7.9792°S 178.4295°E / -7.9792; 178.4295
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Baker Island
Baker Island /ˈbeɪkər/ is an uninhabited atoll located just north of the equator in the central Pacific Ocean about 3,090 km (1,920 mi) southwest of Honolulu. The island lies almost halfway ...
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Starbuck Island
Location of Starbuck Island in the Pacific OceanStarbuck Island (or Volunteer Island) is an uninhabited coral atoll in the central Pacific, and is part of the Central Line Islands of Kiribati. Former ...
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Fale, Tuvalu
Fale is an islet of Nukufetau, Tuvalu. The traditional history of Nukufetau recalls that in order to protect the atoll from raiders from Tonga, Lagitupu and Laupapa, two aliki (chiefs) protected Fale....
Manu Laeva (women)
Manu Laeva is a Tuvalu women's football from Nukulaelae representing FC Manu Laeva in the women Tuvalu A-Division.
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Motufetau is an small uninhabited islet of Nukufetau, Tuvalu. which is East side of Nukufetau atoll.
178°24′30″E / 8.005°S 178.4083°E / -8.005; 178.4083
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Punalei is an islet of the Nukunonu island group of Tokelau. 171°46′13″W / 9.2157°S 171.7703°W / -9.2157; -171.7703
Tepuka Vili Vili
Tepuka Vili Vili or Tepuka Savilivili is an islet of Funafuti, Tuvalu.Tepuka Vili Vili is part of the Funafuti Conservation Area, established in 1996 with the aim of preserving the natural fauna and f...
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Tuvalu (/tuːˈvɑːluː/ too-VAH-loo or /ˈtuːvəluː/ TOO-və-loo), formerly known as the Ellice Islands, is a Polynesian island nation located in the Pacific Ocean, midway be...
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Teafuanonu is an uninhabited islet on the north-east of Nukufetau atoll, Tuvalu.
178°25′11″E / 7.9516°S 178.4197°E / -7.9516; 178.4197
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Minami-Tori-shima (南鳥島, "Southern Bird Island"), also known as Marcus Island, is an isolated Japanese coral atoll in the northwestern Pacific Ocean, located some 1,848 kilometres (1,148 mi) s...
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Kaoa (rar : kāoa, literally meaning 'coral potato' in the lagoon) is a term used in three atolls of the Cook Islands for small coral rocky outcrops that are the base for pearl farming.The three a...
Taulagapapa is an islet of the Nukunonu island group of Tokelau. 171°46′38″W / 9.1852°S 171.7772°W / -9.1852; -171.7772
Funaota is an islet that is the northern point of Nukufetau atoll, Tuvalu.
178°23′E / 7.933°S 178.383°E / -7.933; 178.383
Tokelau /ˈtoʊkəlaʊ/ is a territory of New Zealand in the South Pacific Ocean that consists of three tropical coral atolls (from the northwest Atafu, Nukuno...
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Vasafua is an islet of Funafuti, Tuvalu. Vasafua is part of the Funafuti Conservation Area, established in 1996 with the aim of preserving the natural fauna and flora of the area.Te Ava Fuagea, also ...
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Flint Island
151°49′9.12″W / 11.43000°S 151.8192000°W / -11.43000; -151.8192000Location of Flint Island in the Pacific OceanFlint Island is an uninhabited coral atoll in the central Pacifi...
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Saumatafanga is an islet of the Fakaofo island group of Tokelau.
171°12′W / 9.417°S 171.200°W / -9.417; -171.200
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Navassa Island National Wildlife Refuge
Navassa Island National Wildlife Refuge protects coral reef ecosystems, native wildlife and plants, as well as provides opportunities for scientific research on and around Navassa Island (see that art...