Shoshana Damari Tribute [חיים שכאלה עם שושנה דמארי [מלא
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When Israel, The Soviets And The US Nearly Destroyed The Middle East
During the Cold War many countries were on high alert, none more so than Israel, the US and the Soviet Union. One of the tensest occasions was in October of 1973 when Israel lost over 2000 troops and ...
When Israel, The Soviets And The US Nearly Destroyed The Middle East
During the Cold War many countries were on high alert, none more so than Israel, the US and the Soviet Union. One of the tensest occasions was in October of 1973 when Israel lost over 2000 troops and ...
Alice Shalvi
Alice Shalvi (Hebrew: אליס שלוי, born October 16, 1926) is an Israeli professor and educator. She plays a leading role in progressive Jewish education for girls and advancing the status of women.
Bracha Qafih
Bracha Kapach (1922 – 26 November 2013) was an Israeli rabbanit, wife of Rabbi Yosef Qafih, who was awarded the Israel Prize for her charitable work.Bracha Kapach was born in Yemen. She was married to...
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Lia van Leer
Lia van Leer (Hebrew: ליה ון ליר‎, née Greenberg; August 8, 1924 - March 13, 2015) was a pioneer in the field of art film programming and film archiving in Israel. She was the founder of the...
Sara Stern-Katan
Sara Stern-Katan (Hebrew: שרה שטרן-קטן‎, born 4 June 1919, died 23 September 2001) was an Israeli social worker and politician who served as a member of the Knesset for the National Religiou...
Miriam Ben-Porat
Miriam Ben-Porat Hebrew: מרים בן פורת‎, née Shinezon (18 January 1918 – 26 July 2012) was an Israeli jurist. She was the first female appointed to the Supreme Court of Israel and the State C...
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Amalia Kahana-Carmon
Amalia Kahana-Carmon (Hebrew: עמליה כהנא-כרמון) (born 1926) is an Israeli author and literary critic. She was awarded the Israel Prize for literature in 2000.
Amalia Kahana was born on Kibbutz Ein...
Helena Kagan
Helena Kagan (Hebrew: הלנה כגן‎; September 25, 1889, Tashkent, Uzbekistan - September 25?, 1978, Jerusalem) was a physician, an Israeli pioneer in pediatrics, active in Jerusalem. She was respon...
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Rachel Yanait Ben-Zvi
Rachel Yanait Ben-Zvi (Hebrew: רחל ינאית בן-צבי‎‎; 1886 – 16 November 1979) was an Israeli author and educator, and a leading Labor Zionist. Ben-Zvi was the wife of the second Presiden...
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Dvora Omer
Dvora Omer (Hebrew: דְבֹורַה עֹומֶר; October 9, 1932 – May 2, 2013) was an Israeli author.
Dvora Mosenzon (later Omer) was born in 1932 in Kibbutz Ma'oz Haim in Mandatory Palestine. Her parents di...
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Ora Kedem
Ora Kedem (Hebrew: אורה קדם, born 1924) is professor emerita at the Weizmann Institute of Science and a recipient of the Israel Prize for life sciences.
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Elisheva Cohen
Elisheva Cohen (Hebrew: אלישבע כהן‎; January 9, 1911 – December 20, 1989) was an Israeli designer and museum curator. In 1977, she won the Israel Prize for her contribution to Israeli desig...
Zaharira Harifai
Zaharira Harifai (Hebrew: זהרירה חריפאי‎; December 12, 1929 – January 2, 2013) was an Israeli film, stage, and television actress and recipient of the Israel Prize in Theater, which she was ...
Judith Shuval
Judith Shuval (Hebrew: יהודית שובל‎; b.1926) is an Israeli professor emerita of sociology who taught at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, specializing in public health and immigration.
Anna Ticho
Anna Ticho (Hebrew: אנה טיכו) (born October 27, 1894, died March 1, 1980) was a Jewish artist who became famous for her drawings of the Jerusalem hills.
Anna Ticho was born in Brno, Moravia, then ...
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Esther Roth-Shahamorov
Esther Roth-Shachamorov (Hebrew: אסתר רוט-שחמורוב) (born April 16, 1952 in Tel Aviv) is a former Israeli track and field athlete. She specialized in the 100-meter hurdles and the 100-meter sprint.
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Esther Levit
Esther Levit won the Israel Prize in 1977 for her special contribution to society.
Shoshana Damari
Shoshana Damari (Hebrew: שושנה דמארי‎, Arabic: شوشانه (شمعه) ذماري‎) (March 31, 1923 – February 14, 2006) was a Yemeni-born Israeli singer known as the "Queen of Hebrew Music."
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Sara Hestrin-Lerner
Sara Hestrin-Lerner (Hebrew: שרה הסטרין-לרנר) (born 1918) is a physiologist.
Hestrin-Lerner was born in Winnipeg, Canada in 1918. Aged 14, she emigrated with her parents to the then British Mandat...
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Ruth Rasnic
Ruth Rasnic (Hebrew: רות רזניק, b. 1932) is an Israeli social and political activist, a pioneer in the struggle against domestic violence in Israel, a writer and a translator. Rasnic won the Israel P...
Leah Goldberg
Lea Goldberg (Hebrew: לאה גולדברג‎; May 29, 1911, Königsberg – January 15, 1970, Jerusalem) was a prolific Hebrew-language poet, author, playwright, literary translator, and comparative lite...
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Geulah Cohen
Geulah Cohen (Hebrew: גאולה כהן‎, born 25 December 1925) is an Israeli former Irgun and Lehi member, politician, and journalist.
Geulah Cohen was born in Tel Aviv during the Mandate era. She...
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Sara Levi-Tanai
Sara Levi-Tanai (Hebrew: שרה לוי-תנאי‎; c. 1910 – 3 October 2005) was an Israeli choreographer and song writer. She was the founder and artistic director of the Inbal Dance Theater and recip...
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Gila Almagor
Gila Almagor (Hebrew: גילה אלמגור‎; born Gila Alexandrowitz; July 22, 1939) is an Israeli actress, film star, and author. In Israel she is known as "queen of the Israeli cinema and theatre"....
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Nechama Leibowitz
Nechama Leibowitz (Hebrew: September 3, 1905 – 12 April 1997 ,נחמה ליבוביץ׳‎) was a noted Israeli Bible scholar and commentator who rekindled interest in Bible study.
Nechama Leibo...
Ada Karmi-Melamede
Ada Karmi-Melamede (Hebrew: עדה כרמי-מלמד‎; born 1936) is a noted Israeli architect.
Karmi-Melamede was born on December 24, 1936 in Tel Aviv, in Mandate Palestine (now Israel).She studi...
Recha Freier
Recha Freier (Hebrew: רחה פריאר) (October 29, 1892 in Norden, Ostfriesland – April 2, 1984 in Jerusalem) founded the Youth Aliyah organization in 1933. The organization saved the lives of 22,000 Jew...
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Dahlia Ravikovitch
Dahlia Ravikovitch (Hebrew: דליה רביקוביץ'‎; November 27, 1936 – August 21, 2005) was an Israeli poet, translator, and peace activist.
Ravikovitch was born in Ramat Gan on November 27, 1...
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