Drifting (1983 film)
Drifting (a.k.a. Nagu'a) is the title of an independent film directed by Amos Guttman. Filmed in 1982, released a year later, it is the first Israeli LGBT-themed film, and follows a lonely young gay ...
Bloomfield (film)
Bloomfield (released in the United States as The Hero) is a 1971 British-Israeli drama film directed by Richard Harris and Uri Zohar. It was entered into the 21st Berlin International Film Festival....
The Syrian Bride
The Syrian Bride (הכלה הסורית) is a 2004 film directed by Eran Riklis. The story deals with a Druze wedding and the troubles the politically unresolved situation creates for the personal lives of the...
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Noodle (film)
Noodle is an award-winning 2007 Israeli film directed by Ayelet Menahemi, written by Shemi Zarhin and Ayelet Menahemi, and starring Mili Avital, Chen Baoqi, and Alon Aboutboul.
When the Chinese w...
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Adam Resurrected
Adam Resurrected (Hebrew: אדם בן כלב‎, translit. Adam Ben Kelev) is a 2008 American-German-Israeli film, directed by Paul Schrader and adapted from Yoram Kaniuk's novel of the same nam...
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Stalin's Disciples
Stalin's Disciples (Hebrew: ילדי סטאלין) is a 1986 Israeli film directed by Nadav Levitan that satirizes the utopian ideology of the Israeli kibbutz.
The death of Joseph Stalin in the 1950s leads...
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Close, Closed, Closure
Close, Closed, Closure (סגר) is a documentary film by Ram Loevy that aired on Israel's Channel 8 on 5 August 2002. The film describes life in the occupied Gaza Strip, three years before Israel unilate...
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Daughters, Daughters
Daughters, Daughters (Hebrew: Abu el Banat‎) is a 1973 Israeli film directed by Moshé Mizrahi. It was entered into the 1974 Cannes Film Festival.
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The Glass Cage (1965 film)
The Glass Cage (French: La cage de verre) is a 1965 Israeli-French drama film directed by Philippe Arthuys and Jean-Louis Levi-Alvarès. The film was selected as the Israeli entry for the Best For...
The Galilee Eskimos
The Galilee Eskimos (Hebrew: אסקימוסים בגליל) is a 2006 comedy-drama film directed, produced and co-written by Jonathan Paz. It was filmed on location at Kibbutz Yehiam and premiered at the Haifa Int...
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Dead End Street
Dead End Street is a 1982 film directed by Yaky Yosha. Inspired by a true story, it is about a young prostitute who participated in a documentary about her efforts to abandon the streets, only to com...
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Men of Israel
Men of Israel is a 2009 gay pornographic film released by Lucas Entertainment studio. Journalists from The Atlantic, Out Magazine and Yediot Aharonot noted it as a landmark film as the first pornogr...
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A Matter of Size
A Matter of Size (Hebrew: סיפור גדול‎) is a 2009 Israeli film.