Natalie Portman
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Zvika Hadar
Zvika Hadar (Hebrew: צביקה הדר‎; born 7 April 1966) is an Israeli actor, comedian and television host.
Zvi (Zvika) Fruchter (later Hadar) was born in Beersheba, Israel, to Romanian Jewis...
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Ofer Brothers Group
The Ofer Brothers Group (Hebrew: קבוצת האחים עופר‎) was an Israeli family shipping business started by the Ofer family which is today known as XT Group.
Sammy Ofer, KBE (22 February 1922 – 3...
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Yaniv Green
Yaniv Green (Hebrew: יַנִיב גְּרִין, born May 16, 1980) is an Israeli professional basketball player. Green is a 2.06 m (6 ft 9 in) tall forward-center. He currently plays for Hapoel Jerusalem an...
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