Israeli security forces
Security forces in Israel (also known as Israel security establishment, Hebrew: מערכת הבטחון, Ma'arechet ha'Bitachon) include a variety of organizations, including law enforcement, military, paramilit...
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Do Israel's New Fighter Jets Mean Stealth Is Going Out Of Style?
For decades, military planners have touted the age of the stealth airplane. But an order for new jets from the Israeli Air Force tells us it may all be coming to an end. Israel just did something a we...
Leaked cables show Netanyahu’s Iran bomb claim contradicted by Mossad
Gulf between Israeli secret service and PM revealed in documents shared with the Guardian along with other secrets including CIA bids to contact Hamas
The Dubai Job
Ronen Bergman investigates the Mossad assassination of a Hamas leader in Dubai
Mossad Murder in Dubai - Complete Timeline
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Interpol places 11 people suspected in the slaying of a Hamas militant leader in Dubai on its most-wanted list on Thursday. The...
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Israel Defense Forces
The Israel Defense Forces (IDF; Hebrew: צְבָא הַהֲגָנָה לְיִשְׂרָאֵל  Tzva Hahagana LeYisra'el , lit. "The Army of Defense for Israel", Arabic: جيش الدفاع الإسرائيلي‎), commonly kn...
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Israel Police
The Israel Police (Hebrew: משטרת ישראל‎, Mishteret Yisra'el) is the civilian police force of Israel. As with most other police forces in the world, its duties include crime fighting, traffic con...
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34°50′40″E / 32.145494°N 34.844344°E / 32.145494; 34.844344Mossad (Hebrew: הַמוֹסָד‎, [ha moˈsad]; Arabic: الموساد‎, al-Mōsād; literally meaning "the Institute...
Shabak may refer to:
National Traffic Police
The National Traffic Police (Hebrew: משטרת תנועה ארצית‎, Mishteret Tnu'a Artzit, abbr. Matna) is the main Israeli traffic law enforcement unit. It was founded in September 1991 and in 1997 s...