List of Japanese film directors
This article is a list of Japanese film directors.
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Shinsuke Ashida
Shinsuke Ashida (芦田伸介, Ashida Shinsuke, 14 March 1914 – 10 January 1999) was a Japanese actor. He appeared in over 90 films between 1952 and 1996.
Shigehiko Hasumi
Shigehiko Hasumi (also styled Shiguehiko or Shiguéhiko) (蓮實 重彦, Hasumi Shigehiko) (born 29 April 1936 in Roppongi, Tokyo) is a film critic and an academic researcher on French literature from ...
Inuhiko Yomota
Inuhiko Yomota (四方田 犬彦, Yomota Inuhiko, born February 20, 1953) is a Japanese author, cultural essayist, translator and film historian. His real name is Goki Yomota (四方田 剛己, Yomota Gōk...
Matsuo Kishi
Matsuo Kishi (岸松雄, Kishi Matsuo) (18 September 1906 – 17 August 1985) was a Japanese film critic, director, screenwriter, producer, and biographer. His real name was Aji Shūichirō. Born in Tok...
Torahiko Terada
Torahiko Terada (寺田 寅彦, Terada Torahiko, November 28, 1878 – December 31, 1935) was a Japanese physicist and author who was born in Tokyo. He was a professor at Tokyo Imperial University, a re...
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Kaoru Adachi
Kaoru Adachi (安達かおる, Adachi Kaoru, born January 27, 1956) is a Japanese film director, producer and editor, and founder of the Japanese documentary and adult video (AV) studio V&R Planning...
Yumie Nishiogi
Yumie Nishiogi (西荻 弓絵; born September 3, 1960) is a Japanese screenwriter.
Roppa Furukawa
Roppa Furukawa (古川ロッパ, also 緑波, Furukawa Roppa, 3 August 1903 – 16 January 1961) was a Japanese comedian.
Furukawa was born the sixth son of Baron Katō Terumaro (1863–1925), maki...
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Megu Fujiura
Megu Fujiura (藤浦めぐ, Fujiura Megu) is a Japanese former gravure idol, and later an actress and AV idol.
Megu Fujiura debuted in 2007 as a gravure model in photo-books and chaku-ero (semi-nu...
Yoshitami Kuroiwa
Yoshitami Kuroiwa (黒岩義民, Kuroiwa Yoshitami) is a Japanese film editor. Mainly working at Toho, he edited over 100 films, including Rickshaw Man, for which Hiroshi Inagaki won the Golden Lion a...