John Corigliano
John Corigliano (born 16 February 1938 in New York City, United States) is an American composer of classical music. His scores, now numbering over one hundred, have won him the Pulitzer Prize, five Gr...
David Dubal interview with John Corigliano
One of a series of radio programs titled "For the Love of Music" hosted by David Dubal on WNCN-FM, New York. Mr. Dubal's guest is composer John Corigliano. T...
John Corigliano
John Corigliano - Symphony No. 2 - 1 Novosibirsk Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra conducted by Alim Shakh.
The Naked Carmen
The Naked Carmen is a 1970 recording by David Hess and John Corigliano. It is described as an "electric rock opera" by the creators.
Robert Christgau of The Village Voice gave The Naked Carmen a "...
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