Kievan Rus'
Kievan Rus' (Old East Slavic Рѹ́сь, Рѹ́сьскаѧ землѧ, Greek Ῥωσία, Latin Rus(s)ia, Ruscia, Ruzzia, Rut(h)enia, Old Norse Garðaríki) was a loose federation of East Slavic tribes in Europe from the late ...
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Aerial Acrobats Little Big Shots 2018 Performance
Little Big Shots - Ukrainian Aerial Acrobats
British Ambassador: Security of Ukraine is security of Europe
British Ambassador Judith Gough said that Ukraine's security is very important for Britain, because it is also the security of Europe.
In tiny Moldova, hints of a 'federalized' Ukraine's future
Gagauzia, an autonomous region in southern Moldova, looks to Moscow before the West, much as Ukraine's restive east does. And the poor, agricultural region could show the problems a federalized Donbas...
This is how it's done. Any questions?
This is how it's done. Any questions? Follow us - we'll take you there! :-)
The Russian psychological warfare
No one can escape the lie manufacturing machinery in the Kremlin: Obama’s decisions are falsified by the Russian press, and Kerry’s speeches, when they are not mangled, are completely made up. The Bri...
‘Tremors’ in Kiev: Moment of huge blast caused by pipe rupture caught on camera
A huge blast rocked Kiev's Goloseevsky Avenue following an underground pipe rupture, Monday. The pipe rupture was reportedly followed by the rush of water to...
The General Who Won WWII - You Never Guess How Stalin Rewarded Him
Georgy Zhukov was a Soviet career officer in the Red Army who, in the course of World War II, played the most pivotal role in leading the Red Army drive through much of Eastern Europe to liberate the ...
Ukrainian Drivers Are Converting Their Cars into Wood Burners to Save Money on Gas
With the advent of an energy crisis and the rising cost of gas, people are becoming interested in alternative forms of energy. For example, a growing number of Ukrainian drivers are turning to wood to...
President Vladimir Putin Tells West Not To Fear Russia
Russia is not a threat to Nato, President Vladimir Putin says. "Only an insane person and only in a dream can imagine that Russia would suddenly attack Nato," Mr Putin told Italian newspaper Corriere ...
Ukrainian artists occupy Russian pavilion at Venice Biennale
Mock occupation by activists in military uniforms mimics Russia’s military incursion into east Ukraine Mimicking the Russian military involvement in east Ukraine, a group of Ukrainian artists and acti...
Ukrainian model Anna Duritskaya was with Boris Nemtsov when he was murdered
Anna Duritskaya, 23, was with the pro-Western reformer when he was killed in a drive-by shooting in view of the Kremlin as they walked home from a restaurant in Red Square on Friday.
Ukraine crisis: Leaders agree peace roadmap
A deal is reached on a ceasefire and weapons withdrawal in eastern Ukraine, after all-night negotiations between the warring parties.
Russia's next-generation military - in 90 seconds
As Russia cuts down on spending elsewhere, it is pumping more money into its military. BBC News takes a look at what it is spending its money on.
What does Russia's President Putin really want?
Has Russian President Vladimir Putin gone completely mad? This question is actually being debated in serious circles.
‘Ceasefire deal’ reported for eastern Ukraine
A ceasefire deal has reportedly been reached for eastern Ukraine as diplomatic efforts intensify ahead of a leaders’ summit in Belarus. Representatives of Russia, Ukraine, pro-Russian rebels…
Early Rus
The Rus' Khaganate is the name applied by some modern historians to a polity that was postulated to exist during a poorly documented period in the history of Eastern Europe, roughly the la...
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Republic of Novgorod
The Novgorod Republic (Russian: Новгоро́дская респу́блика, Novgorodskaja respublika; [nəvgɐˈrotskəjə rʲɪsˈpublʲɪkə]; Old Church Slavonic: Новгородскаѧ земьлѧ / Novgorodskaja zemľa) was a larg...
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The Grand Duchy of Vladimir (1157–1331) (Russian: Владимиро-Су́здальское кня́жество, Vladimiro-Suzdal'skoye knyazhestvo) or just Vladimir-Suzdal (Russian: Владимирско-Су́здальская, Vladimirsk...
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Kingdom of Galicia-Volhynia
The Principality of Galicia–Volhynia, or Kingdom of Ruthenia (Old Ruthenian Галицко-Волинскоє князство, Королѣвство Русь, Ukrainian: Галицько-Волинське князівство, Королівство Русі, Latin: Reg...
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The Varangians or Varyags (Old Norse: Væringjar; Greek: Βάραγγοι, Βαριάγοι, Varangoi, Variagoi) was the name given by Greeks and East Slavs to Vikings, who between the 9th and 11th centuries ruled...
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Grand Prince of Kiev
Grand Prince of Kiev (sometimes Grand Duke of Kiev) was the title of the Kievan prince and the ruler of Kievan Rus' from the 10th to 13th centuries. In the 13th century, Kiev became an appanage princi...
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Schechter Letter
The "Schechter Letter" (also called the "Cambridge Document") was discovered in the Cairo Geniza by Solomon Schechter.
The Schechter Letter is a communique from an unnamed Khazar author to an unid...
Rus'-Byzantine War
Rus'–Byzantine War may refer to one of the following conflicts:
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List of early East Slavic states
The following is a list of tribes who lived on the territories of contemporary Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine. The tribes were later replaced or consolidated by Slavs, starting with the formation of Kie...
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Rulers of Kievan Rus'
Grand Prince of Kiev (sometimes Grand Duke of Kiev) was the title of the Kievan prince and the ruler of Kievan Rus' from the 10th to 13th centuries. In the 13th century, Kiev became an appanage princi...
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