Korea–United States relations
Korea – United States relations may refer to:
'A Great Day for the World': Trump-Kim Meet in Diplomatic Breakthrough
President Donald Trump shook hands with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un at the heavily fortified Demilitarized Zone on Sunday.
BREAKING NEWS - Trump: "We'll be meeting on June 12th in Singapore"
BREAKING NEWS: "We'll be meeting on June 12th in Singapore," President Donald J. Trump says of his meeting with Kim Jong Un after meeting with the North Korean Vice-Chairman at the White House...
U.S.-North Korea summit could still be on
There are more signs the canceled summit between the U.S. and North Korea could be back on. The U.S. delegation is meeting with North Korean officials inside the demilitarized zone, and President Trum...
South Korea credits Trump for talks with North - CNN
South Korea's foreign minister has said she believes President Donald Trump is largely responsible for bringing North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to the negotiating table.
U.S. Marines’ Portable Helicopters Were Too Crazy to Survive
Hiller Rotorcycles could fit inside an SUV — but weren’t fit for service
North And South Korea Make History, Agree To Denuclearization
Kim Jong Un begins 'writing a new history' as the first North Korean leader to visit the South. “There will be no more war on the Korean peninsula and thus a new era of peace has begun,” said a joint ...
Donald J. Trump - Thank you to President Moon of South...
Thank you to President Moon of South Korea for the beautiful welcoming ceremony. It will always be remembered.
READY FOR WAR: US Sends SECOND Strike Group to Korean Coast | The Sean Hannity Show
The US deploys a second aircraft carrier strike group to Kim's doorstep; first dual deployment since 1991.
North Korea: America’s path to achieve denuclearization
Harry Kazianis, director of defense studies at the Center for the National Interest, discusses U.S. sanctions on North Korea.
Tillerson says US has 'lines of communications' to North Korea
For the first time ever, the U.S. has confirmed Washington has direct lines of communication with North Korea. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson talked about contact with Pyongyang and said the U.S. is...
North Korea's Foreign Minister assailed President Donald J. Trump
"None other than Trump himself is on a suicide mission." Moments ago at the United Nations, North Korea's Foreign Minister assailed President Donald J. Trump, warning that the American leader had...
Korean War
The Korean War (in South Korea: Hangeul: 한국전쟁, Hanja: 韓國戰爭, "Korean War"; in North Korea: 조국해방전쟁, Joguk Haebang Jeonjaeng, "Fatherland Liberation War"; 25 June 1950 – 27 July 1953) was a war between N...
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Axe murder incident
126°40′21.33″E / 37.9559972°N 126.6725917°E / 37.9559972; 126.6725917The axe murder incident (Korean: 판문점 도끼살인사건; Hanja: 板門店도끼殺人事件,도끼蠻行事件; literally, Panmunjom ax murder i...
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Truth and Reconciliation Commission (South Korea)
South Korea's Truth and Reconciliation Commission (Korean: 진실·화해를 위한 과거사 정리 위원회), established on December 1, 2005, is a governmental body responsible for investigating incidents in Korean history ...
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Fucking USA
"Fucking USA", often called "Fuck'n USA", is a protest song written by South Korean singer and activist Yoon Min-suk. Strongly anti-US Foreign policy and anti-Bush, the song was written in 2002 at a t...
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No Gun Ri massacre
The No Gun Ri Massacre (also referred to as the Nogeun-ri incident) occurred on July 26–29, 1950, early in the Korean War, when an undetermined number of South Korean refugees were killed by the 2nd B...
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Nam June Paik
Nam June Paik (July 20, 1932 – January 29, 2006) was a Korean American artist. He worked with a variety of media and is considered to be the founder of video art. He was married to the video art...
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