Yi I
Yi I (Hangul: 이이; hanja: 李珥, December 26, 1536 – 1584) was one of the two most prominent Korean Confucian scholars of the Joseon Dynasty, the other being his older contemporary, Yi Hwang (...
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Choe Sang-rim
Choe Sang-rim(Korean: 최상림) (17 November 1888 – 6 May 1945) was a Korean independence movement activist, Presbyterian priest, and educator during the Korea's independence movement.
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Lim Sa-hong
Lim Sa-hong(korean:임사홍, hanja:任士洪, 1445–1506) was a member of the Korean Joseon Dynastys royal family. His courtesy name was Yiui(이의).
Gil Jae
Gil Jae or Kil Jae (1353–1419) was a Neo-Confucian scholar, politician, and writer of Korea's Goryeo Dynasty and early Joseon Dynasty.
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Ahn Bang-jun
Ahn Bang-jun (July 20, 1573 – November 13, 1654) was one of the Neo-Confucian scholars, politicians and writers of the Korean Joseon Dynasty and he was a people's Militia leader during the Japanese in...
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Jeong Do-jeon
Jeong Do-jeon (Korean:정도전, hanja:鄭道傳, 1342 – 1398), also known by the pen name Sambong(삼봉), was a politician of the early Joseon dynasty. He was a supporter and adviser to King Taejo, who founded the ...
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Jeong gu
Jeong Gu(korean:정구, hanja:鄭逑, 1543–1620) was Korean philosopher, politician, historian and writer, Confucian scholars of the Joseon Dynastys. learn from Yi Hwang and Cho Shik. a key figure of the Neo-...
Kim Bu-sik
Kim Bu-Sik (1075–1151) was an official and a scholar during Korea's Goryeo period. He is best known for compiling the Samguk Sagi, the oldest extant record of Korean history.Kim Bu-Sik was born in 107...
Kim Dong-Jin
Kim Dong-Jin (born 29 January 1982 in Dongducheon) is a South Korean footballer who currently plays for Thai Premier League side Muangthong United as left back. He can also play as a centre back.
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Kim Jong-jik
Kim Jong-jik (Hangul:김종직, 1431–1492), often known by his pen name Jeompiljae(점필재), was a leading Korean Neo-Confucian scholar in the early Joseon Dynasty. He was born in Miryang in Gyeongsang provinc...
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Song Chong-Gug
Song Chong-Gug (송종국; born 20 February 1979 in Danyang, Chungcheongbuk-do) is a retired Korean football player who last played for Tianjin Teda F.C. in the Chinese Super League.
From 2001 to 2002, ...
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Yun Geun-su
Yun Geun-su(윤근수, 尹根壽, 1537–1619) was Korean Joseon Dynastys politicians and Writer, Neo-Confucian scholars. a penname was Woljeong(월정, 月汀), Woiam(외암, 畏菴), courtesy name was Jagoh(자고, 子固).
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Chung In-hong
Chung In-hong(정인홍;鄭仁弘, 1535–1623) was a Korean politician, Neo-Confucian scholar, general, and leader of Party North Man. a penname was Raeam(also Naeam, 래암 來庵). his family was Seosan Chung clean.
Seo Gyeong-deok
Seo Gyeong-deok (1489–1546) was a Korean Neo-Confucianist philosopher during the Joseon Dynasty.
Seong Hui-ahn
Seong Hui-ahn(korean:성희안;成希顔, 1461–1513) was a Korean Joseon Dynasty politician and Neo-Confucianism Philosopher. .
Pak Je-ga
Pak Je-ga (Hangul: 박제가; hanja: 朴齊家; 1750–1815) was a scholar of school of Practical learning (Silhak) in the late Joseon Dynasty. He was a student of Park Ji-won.
Pak Je Ga was a...
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Kim Hyowon
Kim Hyowon(김효원, 金孝元, 1532 – 1 April 1590) was a Korean Joseon Dynastys politician and Writer, and a Neo Confucian scholar. His penname was Seongam, and his courtesy name was Inbaik. Also a header of t...
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Jeong Yak-yong
Jeong Yak-yong (5 August 1762 – 7 April 1836), often simply known as ‘Dasan’ (茶山, one of his ‘ho’ / pen-names meaning ‘the mountain of tea’), was born on the 16th day of the 6th lunar month, 17...
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Kwon Geun
Gwon Geun (1352–1409) was a Korean Neo-Confucian scholar at the dawn of the Joseon Dynasty, and a student of Yi Saek. He was one of the first Neo-Confucian scholars of the Joseon dynasty, and had a la...
Lee San-hae
Yi San-hae (korean:이산해, 李山海, 1539 ~ 1609, was Joseon's politician, scholar, and a writer. Served as Premier minister of Joseon Dynasty from 1590-1592 and 1600-1602. Director of East People's Party and...
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Empress Myeongseong
Empress Myeongseong (19 October 1851 – 8 October 1895), also known as Queen Min, was the first official wife of King Gojong, the twenty-sixth king of the Joseon dynasty of Korea. In 1902, she rec...
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