Sneeze Me Away
Sneeze Me Away is an animated short film written and directed by Ryan Grobins.
A young boy by the name of Thomas, accidentally enters a fantastic, magical world full of unexpected occurrences and...
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Night Fishing (film)
Night Fishing (Original Korean title: 파란만장; Paranmanjang, lit. "Ups and Downs." or "A Checkered Past") is a 2011 South Korean fantasy-horror short film directed, produced, written by PARKing CHANce (...
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Doggy Poo
Doggy Poo (강아지 똥, Gangaji ddong) is a 30-minute stop motion-animated film from South Korea, directed by Kwon Oh-sung, based on Kwon Jung-saeng's 1968 children's book Doggy Poo, illustrated by Annie R...
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Coming Out (2000 film)
Coming Out is a 2000 South Korean short film directed by Kim Jee-woon.
The film opens with a man being interviewed about his sister, who has recorded a video diary in which she makes a shocking c...
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Judgement (film)
Judgement is a 1999 short film by South Korean director Park Chan-wook.
Park Chan-wook draws on a disaster that took place in South Korea to ironically criticize the greed of rampant capitalism. ...
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Out of My Intention
Out of My Intention (Hangul: 나도 모르게; RR: Nado Moleugae) is a 2008 South Korean short film written and directed by Yoo Ji-tae. It is the third short film by actor-turned-director Yoo, and ...
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Boy Meets Boy (film)
Boy Meets Boy is a 2008 South Korean short film directed by Kim Jho Kwang-soo.It premiered at the 13th Pusan International Film Festival in 2008. It was theatrically released in South Korea on Novemb...
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