Kurdistan independence movement
Kurdish nationalism is the political movement holding that the Kurdish people are deserving of a sovereign nation in their homeland, Kurdistan, partitioned out of the territories in which Kurdish peop...
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Ararat rebellion
The Ararat rebellion, also known as the Ağrı rebellion, was an uprising of the Kurdish residents of the province of Ağrı in eastern Turkey against the Turkish government that took place in 1930. The l...
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Kurdistan Workers' Party
The Kurdistan Workers' Party, commonly referred to by its Kurdish acronym, PKK (Partiya Karkerên Kurdistani) is a Kurdish organization.From 1984 to 2013, PKK fought an armed struggle against the Turki...
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Nazmi Solok
Nazmi Solok (1876; Balıkesir – 1956; Istanbul) was an officer of the Ottoman Army and the general of the Turkish Army.
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Zagros Mountains
The Zagros Mountains (Persian: رشته كوه زاگرس‎, Kurdish: زنجیره‌چیاکانی زاگرۆس; Çiyayên Zagrosê, Lurish: کو یه لی زاگروس, Arabic: جبال زغروس ‎ Aramaic: ܛܘܪ ܙܪܓܣ,) form the largest...
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Zand dynasty
The Zandiyeh dynasty (Persian: سلسله زندیه‎, Silsilah-i Zandīyah;  listen ) was a Kurdish dynasty led by Karim Khan Zand that ruled southern and central Iran in the 18th century.
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