President Trump Introduces First Lady Melania To Vladimir Putin At Helsinki Summit
Russian news cameras captured the moment President Trump introduced his wife to his Russian counterpart as the two leaders met for bilateral talks. » Subscribe to NBC News:
PressTV-Putin's dance with Austria's FM draws criticism
Russian President Vladimir Putin danced arm in arm with Austria's Foreign Minister Karin Kneissl at her wedding on Saturday, August 18.
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Pompeo: I'm very hopeful that that meeting will take place
"I'm very hopeful that that meeting will take place this fall." While taking questions at the U.N., Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said a second meeting between President Donald J. Trump and Russian....
Trump invited Putin to White House in March phone call
US President Donald Trump has suggested meeting Russian leader Vladimir Putin in Washington, DC. Trump made the offer during a phone call between the two leaders, Russian presidential aide Yury Ushako...
President Donald Trump Invites Vladimir Putin For One-On-One At White House
The news surprised Dan Coats, Trump’s Director of National Intelligence, who was on stage at the Aspen Security Forum with NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell when he found out. » Subscribe to NBC News: http:/...
Why Many Young Russians See a Hero in Putin
Twenty-five years after the breakup of the Soviet Union, they crave the stability that the nationalist president represents.
Trump Shakes Hands With Putin at Helsinki Summit
Jul.16 -- President Donald Trump met Russian President Vladimir Putin at the presidential palace in Helsinki for their highly anticipated meeting. President Trump says they'll discuss, among other thi...
Trump to meet with Putin next month in Helsinki, White House announces
President Trump’s upcoming summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin will take place in Helsinki, Finland on July 16, the White House announced Thursday.
Poll: Republicans' confidence in Russia's Putin on the rise
Republicans are more likely than Democrats to have confidence in Vladimir Putin, and less likely to see Russia as a threat.
Putin extends asylum offer to Comey
Russian President Vladimir Putin said he is willing to take in former FBI Director James Comey in the wake of Comey’s testimony before the Senate Intelligenc...
Peter Chong (karateka)
Peter Chong, PBM (born 1941) is a Kyokushin karate master and a former Assistant Superintendent of Police in Singapore. He is the International Committee Chairman for Asia and the Middle East in the I...
Alexander Volkov (fighter)
Alexander Yevgenievich Volkov (Russian: Александр Евгеньевич Волков; born October 24, 1988) is a Russian mixed martial artist who competes in the heavyweight division. A professional MMA competito...
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Jōkō Ninomiya
Jōkō Ninomiya (二宮 城光, Ninomiya Jōkō, born January 27, 1954) is the founder and director of Enshin Karate. He presides over the Enshin organization from the headquarters (honbu) in Denver, Col...
Rugby union in Poland
Rugby union in Poland is a minor but growing sport.
The Polish Rugby Union (Polski Związek Rugby) was founded in 1957, and joined the IRFB in 1988.The official supplier of equipment to the PRU is ...
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Glaube Feitosa
Glaube Araújo Feitosa (born April 9, 1973) is a Brazilian former kickboxer and a kyokushin full contact karate practitioner who was competing in K-1. In 2005, Feitosa won K-1 World Grand Prix 2005 in ...
Must see, a pigeon saluted Putin....
Must see, a pigeon saluted Putin. Somehow the Democrats will subpoena this pigeon to court to question it about its involvement in the 2016 election.
Steve Arneil
Steve Arneil (born 29 August 1934) is a prominent South African-British master of Kyokushin karate. He learned directly from Masutatsu Oyama and was a senior instructor in Oyama's International Karate...
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Can you tell the difference?
Can you tell the difference? Obama-Putin compared with Trump-Putin! Don't miss this one!