Law enforcement in Sweden
Law enforcement in Sweden is carried out by several government agencies, under the guidance of the Government of Sweden.
The administration of both law enforcement and the judiciary of Sweden are ...
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Bikini-clad Swedish policewoman 'stops thief'
A bikini-clad Swedish police officer wins praise for tackling a suspected thief while she was off-duty sunbathing with friends in Stockholm.
Bikini-clad Swedish policewoman 'stops thief'
A bikini-clad Swedish police officer wins praise for tackling a suspected thief while she was off-duty sunbathing with friends in Stockholm.
Per Pålsson
Per Pålsson (September 16, 1828 – February 4, 1914), also called Kitte-Pelle, was a Swedish murderer convicted for the murder of Hanna Pålsdotter. Per Pålsson was in the end pardoned and instead of ha...
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Martin Rasmussen Hjelmen
Martin Rasmussen Hjelmen (24 January 1904 – 30 May 1944) was a Norwegian sailor and communist activist.He was from Øygarden, born in Herdla. He went to work at sea from the age of fifteen, and ...
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Kerim Chatty
Kerim Chatty (born 15 January 1973) is a Swedish man who was suspected of attempted hijacking of an aircraft in 2002. He was subsequently released from police custody and the preliminary inquiry regar...
Just Lippe
Just Lippe (1904 – 1978) was a Norwegian journalist and politician for the Communist Party.He was born in Bergen as a son of Jakob von der Lippe (1870–1954). He was related to von der Lippes (as follo...
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Anders Thornberg
Bengt Anders Ingvar Thornberg is the current Director-General and Chief of the Swedish Security Service (Säpo), appointed on 5 July 2012. Thornberg has been an employee of the security service since 1...
Kumla Prison
Kumla prison is a prison facility in Kumla Municipality, Sweden. It was opened in 1965 and is one of the country's biggest prisons. Kumla is one of three high security prisons in Sweden holding risk i...
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Harry Söderman
Harry Söderman (24 August 1902 – 16 March 1956) was a Swedish police officer and criminalist. In his native Sweden he went by the nickname Revolver-Harry.Söderman was a pioneer of modern criminology i...
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Saltvik Prison
Saltvik Prison (real name Saltviksanstalten or Anstalten Saltvik) is a prison located in Härnösand Municipality, Sweden. This prison has 134 jails.In December 2003 they wanted to replace the former un...
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Anders Danielsson
Sven Anders Herman Danielsson (born 27 December 1953) is the current Director-General of the Swedish Migration Board, succeeding Dan Eliasson in 2012. He was Director-General and Chief of the Swedish ...
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Gregorian Bivolaru
Gregorian Bivolaru also known as Magnus Aurolsson and nicknamed Grieg, Grig or, by the press, Guru (born 12 March 1952) is a spiritual teacher and the founder of the Movement for Spiritual Integration...
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Tore Hedin
Tore Hedin (7 January 1927 – 22 August 1952) was a Swedish mass murderer, spree killer and police officer. The act perpetrated by Hedin, commonly known as Hurvamorden, is infamous for being the worst ...
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Hall Prison
Hall Prison (Swedish: Anstalten Hall) is a prison facility 5 kilometres southeast of Södertälje, Sweden. The prison is one of the biggest in Sweden and is categorised as an A-prison.
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Knut Olsson
Knut Mauritz Gotthard Olsson (November 4, 1907 – November 13, 1986) was a Swedish communist politician. A talented speaker and prominent personality the local politics of the Swedish capital, he was c...
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Oussama Kassir
Oussama Abdallah Kassir (Arabic: أسامة عبدالله قصير‎ born 12 January 1966) is a Lebanese-born Swedish militant Islamist.
Kassir was born in Beirut, Lebanon. He came to Sweden in 1984 and...