List of Japanese films
This is a list of films produced in Japan in year order ordered by decade on separate pages. For an A-Z of films see Category:Japanese films. Also see cinema of Japan.
Nostradamus WARNED: Pope Francis Will Abdicate the Papacy
This documentary short looks into one of Nostradamus' predictions. Nostradamus is famous for penning several prophecies written in quatrains that have a stunning accuracy to events that happened after...
Fox News Reporter Attacked by crazy woman and then husband comes to finish the job... The two of them are involved in a real estate scam... Whole Fox News St...
Lunch Box (film)
In a beautiful setting, a magical kitchen - friendly vegetables chat by the sink.... Vegetables discuss the LunchBoxDiet! Mr Turnip, and his friend Bella, wh...
Farewell to Space Battleship Yamato
Farewell to Space Battleship Yamato (さらば宇宙戦艦ヤマト 愛の戦士たち, Saraba Uchū Senkan Yamato Ai no Senshitachi, literally "Farewell to Space Battleship Yamato: Warriors of Love"), also called Arrivederc...
The H-Man
The H-Man, known in Japan as Beauty and Liquid Men (美女と液体人間, Bijo to Ekitainingen), is a tokusatsu film produced and released by Toho Studios in 1958. The film was made by Toho's legendary Go...
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Drift (film series)
The Drift (ドリフト, Dorifuto) film series consist of street racing films produced by Geneon Universal Entertainment released between 2006 to 2008. All the films are set on racing touge roads.
Shinobido (film)
Shinobido (忍道-SHINOBIDO-) is a 2012 Japanese jidaigeki film directed by Toshiyuki Morioka.
Sennenbi (千年火, lit. "thousand year fire") is a 2004 Japanese movie directed by Segi Naoki.
Tokyo Daigaku Monogatari
Tōkyō Daigaku Monogatari (東京大学物語, lit. "Tokyo University Story") is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Tatsuya Egawa.In the story, high schooler Naoki Murakami (村上 直樹, Mura...
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A Page of Madness
A Page of Madness (狂った一頁, Kurutta Ippēji or Kurutta Ichipeiji) is a silent film by Japanese film director Teinosuke Kinugasa, made in 1926. It was lost for forty-five years until being redisc...
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XX: Beautiful Hunter
XX: Beautiful Hunter (XX 美しき狩人, XX: Utsukushiki karyuudo) is a 1994 Japanese film directed by Masaru Konuma. The film stars Makiko Kuno, Johnny Okura and Kōji Shimizu. The movie was licensed ...
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Lady Oscar (film)
Lady Oscar is a 1979 English-language French-Japanese romantic drama film, based on the manga The Rose of Versailles by Riyoko Ikeda. The film was written and directed by Jacques Demy, with music com...
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Kamisama no Karute
Kamisama no Karute (神様のカルテ) is a 2011 Japanese film directed by Yoshihiro Fukagawa. This film is based on a bestselling novel of the same name by an actual doctor.
Dr. Ichito Kuriharai (Sho S...
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Theater of Life
Theater of Life (人生劇場, Jinsei Gekijō) is a 1983 film directed by Kinji Fukasaku, Sadao Nakajima and Junya Satō.
Ninja Scroll
Ninja Scroll (獣兵衛忍風帖, Jūbē Ninpūchō) is a 1993 Japanese animated action thriller film written and directed by Yoshiaki Kawajiri. The critically acclaimed film was theatrically released on Jun...
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Dotsuitarunen (どついたるねん) is a 1989 Japanese film directed by Junji Sakamoto.
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