List of Pakistan-related topics
The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to Pakistan:Pakistan – sovereign country located in South-central Asia. It has a 1,046-kilometer (650 mi) coastline alo...
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Pakistan 'kills 100 militants' after Sufi shrine attack
Pakistan kills suspected militants in Sindh and the north-west, and fires rockets into Afghanistan.
Suicide Bombing At Pakistani Hospital In Quetta Kills 67
QUETTA, Pakistan (AP) — A suicide bomber killed at least 67 people and wounded dozens more in an attack that struck a government-run hospital in the southwestern city of Quetta on Monday, police and d...
Qandeel Baloch: Pakistan social media celebrity 'killed by brother'
Pakistani social media celebrity Qandeel Baloch is strangled by her brother in an apparent honour killing in the province of Punjab, police say.
Outspoken Pakistani Model Qandeel Baloch Strangled in 'Honor Killing': Police
Qandeel Baloch was known for her popular and and provocative selfie videos, in which she talked openly about her sexuality — a taboo subject in Pakistan.
Pakistan: Mother 'burnt her daughter to death' over marriage
Police in Pakistan arrest a woman suspected of burning her daughter to death for marrying without family consent.
Pakistan Advisory Body Suggests Men 'Lightly Beat' Wives Who Refuse Sex
A powerful constitutional body in Pakistan proposed legislation last week that would allow husbands to "lightly beat" their wives who decline sex or refuse to wear what their mates prefer.
Pakistan explosion leaves many dead at Lahore park
At least 69 people, some celebrating Easter, are killed by a blast in the Pakistani city of Lahore, officials say, as a Taliban faction claims the attack.
Pakistan attack: Gunmen kill 19 at Bacha Khan University
Security forces end an attack by four gunmen on a university in north-west Pakistan in which 19 people are killed and 17 injured.
Deadly earthquake rocks Afghanistan and Pakistan
More than 150 people have died, mostly in Pakistan, after a magnitude-7.5 earthquake hit north-eastern Afghanistan. Tremors from the quake were also felt in northern India and Tajikistan. At least 12 ...
Nearly 90 Percent Of People Killed In Recent Drone Strikes Were Not The Target
Documents detailing a special operations campaign in northeastern Afghanistan, Operation Haymaker, show that between January 2012 and February 2013, U.S. special operations airstrikes killed more than...
Ghulam Ali Allana, Huzur Varas
Ghulam Ali Allana traced his descent from a certain Haji, and whose son, Vali was a small merchant in Lahari Bandar, Sind. When the port of Lahari Bandar dried up, Vali came in Jerruk, where he lived...
Sources Say Taliban Leader Mullah Omar Dead On Afghanistan
A spokesman for the Afghan president said Wednesday that the government had confirmed news that has circulated widely as a rumor in the region for at least two years: that Mullah Mohammed Omar, the o...
Pakistani pigeon arrested for espionage in India (VIDEO)
While intelligence agencies across the globe are busy boosting their communication interception capabilities, Indian authorities have not forgotten the centuries-old methods adversaries might use, lit...
Hostility over ID card for Afghan refugee on 1984 National Geographic cover
Three decades after she became an icon, an ID card mugshot of Sharbat Gula has become a symbol of Pakistani hostility towards refugees from Afghanistan
Pakistan Shia mosque blast in Shikarpur kills dozens
A bomb blast at a Shia mosque in southern Pakistan kills at least 40 people and injures many more, officials say.
Geography of Pakistan
The geography of Pakistan (Urdu: جغرافیۂ پاکِستان‎) is a profound blend of landscapes varying from plains to deserts, forests, hills, and plateaus ranging from the coastal areas of the Arabi...
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Environment of Pakistan
This article discusses topics related to the environment of Pakistan
Administrative divisions of Pakistan
The administrative units of Pakistan consist of four provinces, one federal capital territory, two autonomous and disputed territories and a group of federally administered tribal areas. Below this to...
Provinces of Pakistan
The administrative units of Pakistan consist of four provinces, one federal capital territory, two autonomous and disputed territories and a group of federally administered tribal areas. Below this to...
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Districts of Pakistan
The Districts of Pakistan (Urdu: اِضلاعِ پاكِستان‎), are the third order administrative divisions of Pakistan. Districts were the third order of administrative divisions, below provinces a...
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Demographics of Pakistan
Pakistan's estimated population in 2014 is over 199 million, making it the world's sixth-most-populous country, behind Brazil and ahead of Nigeria. During 1950–2011, Pakistan's urban population expand...
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Government of Pakistan
The Government of Pakistan (Urdu: حکومتِ پاکستان‎) is a federal government established by the Constitution of Pakistan as a constituted governing authority of the four provinces of a proclai...
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Court system of Pakistan
The judiciary of Pakistan is a hierarchical system with two classes of courts: the superior (or higher) judiciary and the subordinate (or lower) judiciary. The superior judiciary is composed of the Su...
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Foreign relations of Pakistan
Pakistan is the second largest Muslim country in terms of population (after Indonesia), and its status as a declared nuclear power, being the only Islamic nation to have that status, plays a part in i...
Law of Pakistan
The Law of Pakistan is the law and legal system existing in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Pakistani law is based upon the legal system of British India; thus ultimately on the common law of Engla...
Pakistani Armed Forces
The Pakistan Armed Forces (Urdu: پاک مُسَلّح افواج‎, Musallah Afwaj-e-Pakistan) are the military forces of Pakistan. They are the seventh largest in the world in terms of active military per...
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Local government in Pakistan
The 2001 Local Government Ordinance provides for devolution of government to district administrations. (Districts are the third tier of government, being sub-divisions of provinces. Prior to the Local...
Culture of Pakistan
The society and culture of Pakistan (Urdu: ثقافتِ پاکستان‎ S̱aqāfat-e Pākistān) comprises numerous ethnic groups: the Punjabis, Kashmiris, Sindhis in east, Muhajirs, Makrani in the south; Ba...
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Sports in Pakistan
Cricket is the most popular sport in Pakistan, while football, squash and hockey are also extremely popular. Traditional sports like kabaddi and other well-known games are also played. The Pakistan ...
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