List of albums released in 2008
This is a list of music albums released in the year 2008.All releases are an CD/LP unless otherwise stated.Multiple entries for the same day are arranged alphabetically by the album's name.Release dat...
Silverback Gorilla Stops Traffic To Let Family Cross
"The Boss, showing us that despite there is a road running through, this is still his jungle." Via: BBC Earth
E.S. Posthumus - Equilibrium - ES Posthumus
I'm writing a comic book! Please visit our IndieGoGo campaign here: My very first ...
A Legacy of Honor
Drawing on the thoughts and voices of several Medal of Honor recipients and CMOH Foundation board members, this video introduces the mission and initiatives ...
Nostradamus (album)
hope you enjoy it! all guitar solos from the Nostradamus album 2008 (only the songs with guitar solos of course)
Ataxia (album)
Automatic Writing II (2007) Tracklisting: 1. Attention 2. Union 3. Hands 4. The Soldier 5. The Empty's Response.
English Boy Wonders
I made this video cuz i didn't see anyone post up this song. This was my favorite song in Wonder girl's single.
We Are Here (Flower Travellin' Band album)
Revelation (Journey album)
01.Journey Revelation Album at songs sample Revelation Journey Album at Walmart samples new songs Disc 1 1. Never Walk Away 2. Like A Sunshow...
Coming Up for Air (Kayak album)
A song from the new Kayak-album. Alienation Coming Up For Air (c) Kayak 2008.
Glass Shadows
Glass Shadows Dream Theater tribute from Italy Strange Deja Vu Live 21/12/08 at Cantinaccia Guinness Pub ...In the loving memory of Federico Rizzi... visit...
Little Lucid Moments
Album: Little Lucid Moments 2008
Schoolyard Ghosts
from Memories Of Machines' eponymous album, released in 2011.
Music of the Spheres (Mike Oldfield album)
This is an unofficial amateur made video for the track Shabda from Mike Oldfield's recently released album Music Of The Spheres. The video is made just f...
Tightly Unwound
Beautiful song from a great group...enjoy!
Sex, Drugs and Bill Monroe
Sex, Drugs & Bill Monroe is a 2008 album by Kentucky-based cowpunk band Nine Pound Hammer.
Tanto Amor
Tanto Amor is the third studio album by Shaila Dúrcal. It was released on September 30, 2008.
Tanto Amor - Wikipedia
Third Time's a Charm
Third Time's a Charm is the debut full-length album by Better Luck Next Time. Released only in California on December 10, 2005, the band recorded, engineered, and produced the album entirely on their ...
Third Time's a Charm - Wikipedia
Fireproof (Dawn Landes album)
Fireproof is an album by American singer-songwriter dawn Landes. The album was released January 2008 in Europe on Fargo Records, and March 4, 2008 in the United States on Cooking Vinyl Records.The son...
Fireproof (Dawn Landes album) - Wikipedia