List of mayors of Detroit
This is a list of mayors of Detroit, Michigan. See History of Detroit, Michigan, for more information about the history of the incorporation of the city.The current mayor is Mike Duggan, who was offic...
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Frederick Buhl
Frederick Buhl (November 27, 1806 – May 12, 1890) was a businessman from Detroit, Michigan. He served as the city's mayor in 1848.
Frederick Buhl was born in Butler County, Pennsylvania on ...
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Frank Murphy
William Francis "Frank" Murphy (April 13, 1890 – July 19, 1949) was a politician and jurist from Michigan. He was named to the U.S. Supreme Court in 1940 after a political career as Gov...
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Henry Ledyard
Henry Ledyard (March 5, 1812 – June 7, 1880) was the mayor of Detroit, Michigan and a state senator, briefly served as assistant secretary under Secretary of State Lewis Cass, and was the presid...
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Douglass Houghton
Douglass Houghton (September 21, 1809 – October 13, 1845) was an American geologist and physician, primarily known for his exploration of the Keweenaw Peninsula of Michigan.
Houghton was born in T...
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William Barlum Thompson
William Barlum Thompson (March 10, 1860 – February 12, 1941) was the Mayor of Detroit from 1907 to 1908 and again from 1911 to 1912.
William Barlum Thompson was born on March 10, 1860 in Det...
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William Richert (mayor)
William Richert (? – June 16, 1912) served as acting mayor of Detroit, Michigan from March 22, 1897 to April 5, 1897, following the resignation of Hazen S. Pingree.
William Richert served on...
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Jonathan Kearsley
Jonathan Kearsley (1786–1859) was an American military officer and politician. He fought in the War of 1812 and was a two-time mayor of Detroit.
Jonathan Kearsley was born in Middletown, Pennsylva...
John Biddle (Michigan politician)
John Biddle (March 2, 1792 – August 25, 1859) was a delegate to the United States Congress from the Michigan Territory.
Biddle was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1792, the son of Charles Bi...
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Henry Jackson Hunt (Mayor of Detroit)
Henry Jackson Hunt (frequently called "Henry I. Hunt") was a politician and businessman from Detroit, Michigan.Henry Jackson Hunt was born in New York, the first son of American Revolutionary War colo...
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Kenneth Cockrel, Jr.
Kenneth Vern "Ken" Cockrel, Jr. (born October 29, 1965) is a Michigan politician who became mayor of Detroit on September 19, 2008. He was president of the Detroit City Council from 2005 until Septe...
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John H. Harmon
John Hanchett Harmon (June 21, 1819 – August 6, 1888) was a member of the Democratic National Committee, the mayor of Detroit, and the publisher of the Detroit Free Press.
John H. Harmon was born ...
Kilpatrick-Beatty criminal trial
On March 24, 2008, Wayne County, Michigan Prosecutor Kym Worthy announced a 12-count criminal indictment against Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and his former Chief of Staff and paramour Christine Bea...
Dennis Archer
Dennis Wayne Archer (born January 1, 1942) is an American lawyer and politician from Michigan. A Democrat, Archer served on the Michigan Supreme Court and as mayor of Detroit. He later served as presi...
John Pridgeon, Jr.
John Pridgeon, Jr. (August 1, 1852 – 1929) was the head of a marine transport company and mayor of Detroit, Michigan.
John Pridgeon, Jr. was born in Detroit on August 1, 1852, the son of Cap...
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William G. Thompson
William G. Thompson (July 23, 1842 – July 20, 1904) was a Union Army officer, lawyer, politician, and the mayor of Detroit, Michigan. He also founded Detroit's first major league baseball team.<...
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Albert Cobo
Albert Eugene Cobo (October 2, 1893 – September 12, 1957) was an American politician who served as Mayor of Detroit from 1950-1957.
Albert Cobo was born in Detroit on October 2, 1893. He married h...
James A. Van Dyke
James Adams Van Dyke (December 1813 – May 7, 1855) was a lawyer, fireman and the 21st mayor of Detroit, Michigan. He was elected in 1847.
James Adams Van Dyke was born in Mercersburg, Pennsy...
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Eugene Van Antwerp
Eugene Ignatius Van Antwerp (July 26, 1889 – August 5, 1962) was the mayor of Detroit, Michigan.
He was born on July 26, 1889, the son of Eugene C. Van Antwerp and Cecelia Renaud. He was ed...
George P. Codd
George Pierre Codd (December 7, 1869 – February 16, 1927) was a politician from the U.S. state of Michigan.
Codd was born on December 7, 1869 in Detroit, Michigan, the son of George C. and Eunice ...
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Hazen S. Pingree
Hazen Stuart Pingree (August 30, 1840 – June 18, 1901) was a four-term Republican mayor of Detroit (1889–1897) and the 24th Governor of the U.S. State of Michigan (1897–1901). A Yankee who migrated fr...
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John Patton (Detroit mayor)
John Patton (March 1, 1822 – November 15, 1900) was the mayor of Detroit, Michigan in 1858-1859.
John Patton was born March 1, 1822 in the county of County Down, Ireland, the son of james an...
Henry Howard (Detroit)
Henry Howard (September 15, 1801 – July 15, 1878) was a banker and businessman, and served as mayor of Detroit in 1837, and as the first treasurer of the state of Michigan.
Henry Howard was...
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Roman Gribbs
Roman Stanley Gribbs (born December 29, 1925) was the Mayor of Detroit from 1970 to 1974. Later, Gribbs served as a judge on the Michigan Court of Appeals.
Gribbs was born in Detroit on December ...
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Marvin H. Chamberlain
Marvin H. Chamberlain (November 5, 1842 – 1923) was the mayor of Detroit, Michigan.
Marvin H. Chamberlain was born in Woodstock Township, Michigan in Lenawee County on November 5, 1842, the ...
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John R. Williams
John R. Williams (May 4, 1782 – October 20, 1854) was an American soldier, merchant, and politician who is most well known for serving as the first mayor of Detroit, Michigan. In total, he serve...
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John W. Smith (Detroit mayor)
John W. Smith (April 12, 1882 – June 17, 1942) was a long-time member of the Detroit City Council and was twice mayor of Detroit, Michigan.
John W. Smith was born in Detroit on April 12, 188...
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Oliver Moulton Hyde
Oliver Moulton Hyde (March 10, 1804 – June 28, 1870) was a Detroit businessman, manufacturer, and politician who was elected mayor of Detroit three times, in 1854, 1856, and 1857.
Oliver Moulton H...
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Charles Howard (Detroit)
Charles Howard (August 7, 1804 – November 6, 1883) was mayor of Detroit in 1849.
Charles Howard was born August 7, 1804, in Chenango County, New York. His family moved to Port Jervis, New Y...
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William C. Maybury
William Cotter Maybury (November 20, 1848 – May 6, 1909) was a politician from the U.S. state of Michigan.
William Maybury was born in Detroit, Michigan on November 20, 1848, the son of Thomas May...
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