List of nuclear reactors
This List of nuclear reactors is an annotated list of all the nuclear reactors in the world, sorted by country, with operational status. The list includes military, commercial and research reactors, e...
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Obama Hid “Secret Details” Of Iran Deal, Put Every Single American At Risk!
The deal included releasing seven Iranians and lifting warrants on fourteen others. These individuals pose a resl threat to American Security.
US official: Iran Conducts Another Ballistic Missile Test
Medium-range missile traveled about 600 miles
Iran Executes Nuclear Scientist Shahram Amiri Accused Of Giving CIA Information
Shakram Amiri went missing in 2009 after leaving for a pilgrimage to Mecca, but appeared in a video in which he claimed to have been put under pressure to 'reveal information' to the CIA.
Iran executes scientist for spying for US
Iranian nuclear scientist Shahram Amiri, who once claimed he was kidnapped by the CIA, has been executed after being accused of spying for the United States. CNN's Elise Labott reports.
German nuclear plant hit by computer viruses
A German nuclear power plant has been found to be infected by several different computer viruses.
Iran Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Assures Public US Still "Great Satan" And Predicts Israel Gone In 25 Years
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei falls back on decades-old rhetoric about the "Great Satan" and the imminent end of the "Zionist regime". Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Wednesday that his cou...
Saudi king meets Obama amid concerns over Iran deal
Saudi Arabia says it is happy with President Obama's assurances that the recent nuclear deal with Iran will not imperil the Gulf states.
Israel accused of spying on U.S.-led talks
When Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu resisted the Middle East peace process, his relationship with President Obama’s White House suffered. When Netanyahu took subtle steps to support Mitt Ro...
AP Exclusive: Draft Agreement Cuts Iran's Nuclear Hardware
LAUSANNE, Switzerland — The United States and Iran are drafting elements of a nuclear deal that commits Tehran to a 40 percent cut in the number of machines it could use to make an atomic bomb, offici...
Benjamin Netanyahu Speech to Congress 2015
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel used one of the most prominent platforms in the world on Tuesday to warn against what he called a “bad deal” being negotiated with Iran to freeze its nuclea...
White House: Israel distorts U.S. position in Iran negotiations - Diplomacy and Defense
The White House slams what it calls a continued Israeli practice of 'cherry-picking' and leaking information out of context.
What You Should Know About The Iran Nuclear Deal
The deal to curb Iran's nuclear program for six months is historic, but it's only a beginning.
Nuclear power in Brazil
Nuclear energy accounts for about 3% of the Brazil's electricity. It is produced by two pressurized water reactor reactors at Angra, which is the country's sole nuclear power plant. Construction of a...
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Nuclear power in Bulgaria
Nuclear power plants in Bulgaria (view) Active plants Unfinished/future plantsBulgaria's first commercial nuclear reactor began operation in 1974. The Kozloduy NPP operates two pressurized ...
Nuclear power in Canada
As of October 2012, about 15% of Canada's electricity is produced by nuclear power. All of this is produced in Ontario, except for one reactor in New Brunswick. Canada has reactors for commercial powe...
Nuclear power in China
As of September 2014, the People's Republic of China has 21 nuclear power reactors operating on 8 separate sites and 28 under construction. Additional reactors are planned, providing 58 GWe of capacit...
Nuclear power in the Czech Republic
Nuclear power stations in the Czech Republic (view) Active plants Planned plantsThe Czech Republic operates two nuclear power stations: Temelín and Dukovany. In 2010 there were government an...
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Nuclear power in Finland
Nuclear power plants in Finland (view) Active plants Planned plantsAs of 2008, Finland's nuclear power program has four nuclear reactors in two power plants, all located on the shores of the...
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Nuclear power in France
Nuclear power plants in France (view) Active plants Closed plants Nuclear power is the primary source of energy in France. In 2004, nuclear energy made up the largest share of France's ene...
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Nuclear power in Germany
Nuclear power in Germany accounted for 17.7% of national electricity supply in 2011, compared to 22.4% in 2010. German nuclear power began with research reactors in the 1950s and 1960s with the first ...
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Nuclear power in India
Atomic Power Stations in India (view) Active plants Planned plantsNuclear power is the fourth-largest source of electricity in India after thermal, hydroelectric and renewable sources of el...
Nuclear power in Indonesia
Nuclear reactors in Indonesia (view) Research Reactors Possible locations for a power plantThe program for nuclear power in Indonesia includes plans to build nuclear reactors in the country ...
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Nuclear program of Iran
The nuclear program of Iran was launched in the 1950s with the help of the United States as part of the Atoms for Peace program. The participation of the United States and Western European governments...
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Nuclear power in Italy
Nuclear power stations in Italy (view) Closed plants Canceled plantsNuclear power in Italy is a controversial topic. Italy started to produce nuclear energy in the early 1960s, but all plant...
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Nuclear power in Japan
Prior to the earthquake and tsunami of March 2011, and the nuclear disasters that resulted from it, Japan generated 30% of its electrical power from nuclear reactors and planned to increase that share...
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Nuclear power in North Korea
North Korea (officially the Democratic People's Republic of Korea) has been active in developing nuclear technology since the 1950s. Although the country currently has no operational power-generating ...
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Nuclear power in Pakistan
Nuclear power plants in Pakistan Active plantsAs of 2012, nuclear power in Pakistan is provided by 3 licensed-commercial nuclear power plants. Pakistan is the first Muslim country in the world to...
Nuclear power in Russia
In 2012 total electricity generated in nuclear power plants in Russia was 177.3 TWh, 17.78% of all power generation. The installed gross capacity of Russian nuclear reactors stood at 25,242 MW.The Rus...
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