List of reptiles of Metropolitan France
This is a list of reptiles of Metropolitan France. for the reptiles of Overseas departments and territories of France, see List of reptiles of Guadeloupe or List of reptiles of Martinique.There are 20...
Tarentola mauritanica
Tarentola mauritanica is a species of gecko (Gekkonidae) native to the Western Mediterranean region of Europe and North Africa and widely introduced to America and Asia. It is commonly observed on wal...
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European pond turtle
The European pond turtle (Emys orbicularis), also called the European pond terrapin, is a long-living freshwater species of turtle.
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Vipera aspis
Vipera aspis is a venomous viper species found in southwestern Europe. Bites from this species can be more severe than from the European adder, V. berus; not only can they be very painful, but also ab...
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