List of rivers of Portugal
This is a list of the rivers of Portugal. There are only rivers in Continental Portugal, and none in the islands of Madeira and the Azores.Note: List was taken from pt:Anexo:Lista de rios de Portugal....
Vez River
The Vez River (Rio Vez) is a river in Portugal. It is approximately 36 kilometres (22 mi) long.
8°26′24″W / 41.90278°N 8.44000°W / 41.90278; -8.44000
The Guadiana River ([ɡwaðiˈana], [ɡwɐðiˈɐ̃nɐ]), or Odiana, is an international river defining a long stretch of the Portuguese–Spanish border, separating Extremadura and Andalucia (Spain) from Alente...
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Agadão River
The Agadão River (Portuguese: Rio Agadão) is a river in Portugal. The former freguesia of Belazaima do Chão is located on the left bank of the river.
Águeda River (Douro)
The Águeda is a river tributary of the Douro River, that springs from the Serra das Mesas in Spain, in the autonomous community of Castile and León. It flows 130 kilometres (81 mi) until it reach...
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Bensafrim River
Bensafrim River (Rio Bensafrim) is a river in Portugal.
Alcobaça River (Portugal)
Alcoa River is a river in Portugal. It flows into the Atlantic Ocean near Nazaré. The two rivers, Alcoa and Baça confluent in the centre of Alcobaça passing the earlier (now arable land) sea of Pedern...
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Cértima River
The Cértima River (Portuguese: Rio Cértima) is a river in Portugal that runs through the freguesia of Barrô e Aguada de Baixo, in Águeda Municipality, Aveiro District.
Algés River
Algés River flows into the Tagus River in Algés Parish, Portugal. Since Algés grew, some parts of the river where covered, and now it runs under the ground, including the final stretch to the sea. 9°1...
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Tua River
Tua is a river in northeastern Portugal, flowing by the border of Vila Real District and Bragança District. It is a tributary of the Douro River. The biggest and most important city it flows through i...
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Arunca River
Arunca River (Portuguese: Rio Arunca) is a river in Portugal. It is located in the municipalities of Soure and Montemor-o-Velho.
8°40′44″W / 40.14778°N 8.67889°W / 40.1477...
Salas River, Galiza
The Salas River is a tributary of the Lima. It borns in the Larouco mountains, within the municipality of Baltar, Ourense, Galicia. It flows through the territory of the Couto Misto, a former independ...
Azibo River
The Azibo River is a Portuguese river in the Douro River basin. It has its source in the Nogueira mountains, near the place of Rebordainhos, Bragança Municipality, in the northeast of Portugal. Along ...
Ceira River
The Ceira River is a river in central Portugal arising out of the Serra do Açor. It is a lefthand tributary of the Mondego River, which it enters from the south, just upstream of the town of Coimbra.<...
Ave River
Ave River is a river in Portugal. Vizela River flows into it. 8°44′53″W / 41.3393°N 8.74811°W / 41.3393; -8.74811
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Côa River
The Côa River is a tributary of the Douro River, in central and northeastern Portugal. It is one of the few Portuguese rivers that flows south to north. It flows through the municipalities of Sabugal ...
Gilão River
The Gilão ([ʒiˈlɐ̃ũ̯]) is a river in southern Portugal. It is approachable from the Atlantic Ocean, where it enters at the town of Tavira in the Algarve, 35 kilometres (22 mi) east of Faro. The ...
Fervença River
Fervença River (Portuguese: Rio Fervença) is a river in Portugal. It goes through Bragança.
Lis River
Lis River (Portuguese: Rio Lis) is a river in Portugal. It is 39.5 kilometres (24.5 mi) long.
8°58′14″W / 39.87944°N 8.97056°W / 39.87944; -8.97056
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Sado River
The Sado River ([ˈsaðu]) is a river in Southern Portugal; it is one of the major rivers in the country. It flows in a northerly direction (the only major Portuguese river to do so) through 175 kilomet...
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Cávado River
The Cávado River (Portuguese: rio Cávado) is a river located in north Portugal.It has its source in Serra do Larouco at an elevation of 1,520 metres (4,990 ft) above sea level. It runs 135 ki...
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Balsemão River
7°55′48″W / 41.00333°N 7.93000°W / 41.00333; -7.93000The Rio Balsemão ([balsˈmɐ̃w] English language: Balsemão River) is a small stream that originates in the mountain range of...
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Boco River
Boco is a river in Portugal. It flows into Ria de Aveiro.The Boco River is the location where Hitler stored his chemical warheads during the Spanish Civil War.
Dão River
Rio Dão (or river Dão) is a Portuguese river that originates in the plateau regions of Trancoso-Aguiar da Beira in the Eirado parish, Aguiar da Beira Municipality, Guarda District, and varies between ...
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Zêzere River
The Zêzere ([ˈzezɨɾɨ]) is a river in Portugal, tributary to the Tagus. It rises in the Serra da Estrela, near the Torre, the highest point of continental Portugal. The Zêzere runs through the town Man...
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Fontão River
Fontão is a river in Portugal.
Nabão River
The Nabão ([nɐˈbɐ̃w̃]) is a river in Portugal. It rises in Ansião and passes through the city of Tomar before joining the Zêzere River — a course of about 66 kilometres (41 mi). It was known to t...
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Antuã River
Antuã is a Portuguese river, located in the Aveiro region. It is the most important tributary of the Ria de Aveiro after the Vouga River. Its name is linked to the former name of Estarreja: Antuão or ...
Mira River (Portugal)
The Mira River is a Portuguese river in southwestern Alentejo. It is 145 kilometres (90 mi) long.It has its sources on the northern slopes of the Serra do Caldeirão and pursues a southeast–...
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Alva River (Mondego)
Alva River (Rio Alva) is a river in Portugal. It flows into Mondego River. 8°14′46″W / 40.29583°N 8.24611°W / 40.29583; -8.24611
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Vizela River
Vizela River is a river in Portugal. It flows into Ave River.