List of years in film
This list of years in film indexes the individual year in film pages. Each year is annotated with the significant events as a reference point.
Leonard Cohen ~ Dance Me To The End Of Love
Tango Scene ~ Al Pacino ~ Scent of a Woman ~ Movie CLIP (1992) Dance me to your beauty with a burning violin Dance me through the panic 'til I'm gathered safely in Lift me like an olive branch and be...
Arizona cop disarms gunman by ramming with police cruiser
A former NYPD veteran who calls himself Robocop used his police cruiser to ram a rifle-toting suspect on a one-man crime spree, dramatic Arizona police video released Tuesday shows. Marana Police offi...
2010s in film
The 2010s in film are discussed in the following articles:
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The Kingdom of the Fairies
The Kingdom of the Fairies (French: Le Royaume des fées), initially released in the United States as Fairyland, or the Kingdom of the Fairies and in Great Britain as The Wonders of the Deep, or K...
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Sarkar Raj
Sarkar Raj (Hindi: सरकार राज, translation: Reign of the Overlord) is a 2008 Indian dramatic thriller film set in the world of politics and crime. It was directed by Ram Gopal Varma. It is the seq...
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Alas and Alack
Alas and Alack is a 1915 American silent drama film directed by Joe De Grasse and featuring Lon Chaney. A print of the film survives in the National Film Archive.