Lists of people by occupation
This is a list of lists of people by occupation. Each is linked to a list of notable people within that profession.
List of Welsh mathematicians
Several mathematicians who have made contributions to the development of mathematics have hailed from the principality of Wales.
List of African scientists, inventors, and scholars
This is a list of African scientists, inventors, and scholars who were born or active on the African continent.
List of African scientists, inventors, and scholars - Wikipedia
The 72 names on the Eiffel Tower
On the Eiffel Tower, seventy-two names of French scientists, engineers, and mathematicians are engraved in recognition of their contributions. Gustave Eiffel chose this "invocation of science" because...
The 72 names on the Eiffel Tower - Wikipedia
List of guest appearances on The X-Files
This is a list of actors who appeared in the long-running science fiction television series, The X-Files. For other, related lists, see below.
List of actuaries
An actuary is a business professional who deals with the financial impact of risk and uncertainty. This is a list of notable actuaries and others who have influenced the profession.
Honorary Fellowship of the AIA
Honorary Fellowship of the American Institute of Architects (Hon. FAIA) may be awarded to foreign (non-U.S. citizen) architects and for non-architects who have made great contributions to the field of...
Lists of actors
The following are lists of actors:
List of feminists
This is a list of important participants in the development of feminism, originally sorted by surname within each period. It may include, for instance, earlier authors who did not self-identify as fem...
List of veterinarians
Veterinarians and veterinary surgeons (vets) are medical professionals who operate exclusively on animals. Well-known and notable veterinarians include:
War correspondents 1942–1943
This is a partial list of war correspondents who reported from North Africa or Italy in 1942-43, during World War II. Some of the names are taken from the war journal of Eric Lloyd Williams, a corresp...
War correspondents 1942–1943 - Wikipedia
List of Consuls-General of the United Kingdom in Los Angeles
The British Consulate-General, Los Angeles is the United Kingdom's local consulate for Southern California, as well as Arizona, Utah, Hawaii, and Clark County (Las Vegas), Nevada, and American Samoa a...
List of Consuls-General of the United Kingdom in Los Angeles - Wikipedia
Ébéniste ([ebenist]) is the French word for a cabinet-maker.
As opposed to ébéniste, "menuisier" denotes a woodcarver or chairmaker in French. The English equivalent for ébéniste, "ebonist", is no...
List of Wazamono
This list of Wazamono is a list of 228 swordsmiths (or 180 depending on the method of counting) of katana and other weapons in the book Kaihō kenjaku (懐宝剣尺, Pocket Treasured Sword Length) or K...
List of origamists
An origamist is a person who is associated with the art of origami. Some notable origamists are:
List of runologists
This is a list of notable runologists. Runologists are people who study runes and runic inscriptions.
List of runologists - Wikipedia
List of Hungarian mathematicians
In this page we keep the names in Hungarian order (family name first).
List of game theorists
This is a list of notable economists, mathematicians, political scientists, and computer scientists whose work has added substantially to the field of game theory.
List of professorships at the University of Oxford
This is a list of professorships at the University of Oxford. During the early history of the university, the title of professor meant a doctor who taught. From the 16th century, it was used for those...
List of electricians
An electrician is a tradesman specializing in electrical wiring of buildings, stationary machines and related equipment. This is a list of notable people who have been electricians.
List of cartographers
Cartography is the study of map making and cartographers are map makers.
List of cartographers - Wikipedia
List of state librarians of Ohio
The State Library of Ohio was created in 1817 as a service to the government of the state. Over the years, the State Library has increased its scope to include service to all residents of the state. T...