Khadijah Farrakhan
Khadijah Farrakhan, or Mother Khadijah, birth name Betsy Ross, is the wife of Louis Farrakhan, the Supreme Leader of the Nation of Islam. She is also known as the First Lady of the Nation of Islam.
Leonard Muhammad
Leonard Muhammad is the Chief-of-Staff of the Nation of Islam.He is the son-in-law of Minister Louis Farrakhan. His wife, Donna Farrakhan Muhammad, is the second female minister in the Nation of Isla...
Louis Farrakhan
Louis Farrakhan Muhammad, Sr. (born Louis Eugene Wolcott; May 11, 1933, and formerly known as Louis X) is the leader of the religious group Nation of Islam (NOI). He served as the minister of maj...
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Donna Farrakhan Muhammad
Donna Farrakhan Muhammad is a minister, former "Sister Captain" of the Muslim Girls Training (MGT).She is the daughter of Louis Farrakhan and Khadijah Farrakhan and is the world's second female minist...
Mustapha Farrakhan
Mustapha Farrakhan is the Supreme Captain of the Nation of Islam. He is the son of Louis Farrakhan and Khadijah Farrakhan, and the father of Mustapha Farrakhan, Jr.
Nation of Islam
The Nation of Islam (NOI) is an Islamic religious movement founded in Detroit, Michigan, by Wallace D. Fard Muhammad on July 4, 1930. The Nation of Islam's stated goals are to improve the spiritual, ...
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