Manhwa ([manβa~manɦʷa~manwa]) is the general Korean term for comics and print cartoons (common usage also includes animated cartoons). Outside of Korea, the term usually refers specifically to South K...
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Mangafan is a Hungarian manga publisher, located in Szigetszentmiklós near Budapest, Hungary. It was founded in 2006. Since May, 2007, they also publish a monthly magazine dealing with manga, anime an...
Udon Entertainment
UDON Entertainment Corporation is a studio (or "art collective") of Asian-influenced comic book creators that provides creative services to the entertainment industry. The company is a publisher of co...
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Kang Kyung-ok
Kang Kyung-ok (born October 16, 1965) is a Manhwa artist whose work "It's Two People" was adopted into the film Someone Behind You, she also has work published by Netcomics.
Yen Plus
Yen Plus is an American monthly anthology magazine of Japanese manga, Korean manhwa, and Original English-language manga (OEL manga) published by Yen Press. The first issue went on sale on July 29, 20...
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Myungrang Manhwa
Myungrang Manhwa (명랑만화) is Korean terms which literally means manhwa, or comics, directed towards children. This term was used since the 1960s. Similarly, Japan has children's manga.
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Yun Mi-kyung
Yun Mi-kyung (born October 14, 1980) is a South Korean manhwa artist best known for her work Bride of the Water God.
Yun received the silver medal in the New Artist Debut Competition for her work ...
Lee Young-you
Lee Young-you is a female creator of Korean manhwa. Several of her series have been translated into English and released in the United States.
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List of Chronicles of the Cursed Sword chapters
Chronicles of the Cursed Sword manhwa summaries by volume.
Yen Press
Yen Press is the manga and graphic novel imprint of Hachette Book Group. In addition to their regular book releases, Yen Press produces Yen Plus, a monthly manga anthology. The company's varied list ...
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Sigongsa. Co., Ltd. (Korean: 시공사) is a South Korean publishing media group (including sub-businesses Sigong Books, Sigong Junior, and Sigong Magazines) that produces magazines, books, and digital ...
Welcome to Convenience Store
Welcome to Convenience Store (Hangul: 와라! 편의점; RR: Wara! Pyeonuijeom) is a webcomic set in a convenience store, created by Ji Kang-min. It began in February 2008. In 2008, it received an a...
Daewon C.I.
Daewon C.I. (대원씨아이, Daewon Ssi Ai, formerly Daiwon C.I.), short for Daewon Culture Industry, is a subsidiary of Daewon Media founded in 1991. This South Korean publisher releases domestic and importe...
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