George W. Wilson
George Washington Wilson (February 22, 1840 – November 27, 1909) was a U.S. Representative from Ohio.
Wilson was born in Brighton, Ohio and attended the common schools and Antioch College, Yellow ...
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Lydia Reid
Lydia J. Reid is an American politician of the Democratic Party who served as the first female and longest-serving mayor of Mansfield, Ohio encompassing three four-year terms from 1993 to 2007.Reid re...
Madeline Cain
Madeline Cain is a former member of the Ohio House of Representatives.Madeline Cain represented Cuyahoga County for four terms in the Ohio House of Representatives.
William T. Fitzgerald
William Thomas Fitzgerald (October 13, 1858 - January 12, 1939) was a U.S. Representative from Ohio.Born in Greenville, Ohio, Fitzgerald attended the rural schools and the Greenville High School.He se...
William D. Hill
William David Hill (October 1, 1833 - December 26, 1906) was a U.S. Representative from Ohio.Born in Nelson County, Virginia, Hill attended the country schools and Antioch College.He moved to Springfi...
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List of mayors of Cleveland
The Mayor of Cleveland is the chief executive of the city's government. In 1924, the mayor-council (strong mayor) form of government was replaced by a city manager plan. This was later reversed in 193...
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Daniel Thew Wright
Daniel Thew Wright (September 24, 1864–November 18, 1943) was a United States federal judge.Wright was born in Riverside, Ohio. He received an LL.B. from University of Cincinnati College of Law ...
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Robert G. Heft
Robert G. "Bob" Heft (January 19, 1941 – December 12, 2009), born in Saginaw, Michigan, was the designer of the current American 50-star flag as well as a designer of a submitted 51-star flag pro...
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George W. McIlvaine
George W. McIlvaine (July 14, 1822–December 22, 1887) was a Republican politician in the U.S. State of Ohio who was an Ohio Supreme Court Judge 1871–1886.
George W. McIlvaine was born ...
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Robert C. Henry
Robert Clayton Henry (July 16, 1921 – September 8, 1981) was mayor of Springfield, Ohio from 1966 to 1968. He was the first African-American mayor of an American city of any size, though this achievem...
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Jacob H. Bromwell
Jacob Henry Bromwell (May 11, 1848 – June 4, 1924) was a U.S. Representative from Ohio.Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, Bromwell resided during his boyhood in Newport, Kentucky.He attended the public schools...
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Martin K. Gantz
Martin Kissinger Gantz (January 28, 1862 – February 10, 1916) was a U.S. Representative from Ohio.Born in Bethel Township, Miami County, Ohio, Gantz attended the common schools and National Norm...
Josiah Barber
Josiah Barber (1771 – 10 Dec 1842) was the first mayor of Ohio City, Ohio. He was elected in 1836.
James G. Johnson
James Granville Johnson was a Democratic lawyer from Springfield, Ohio, United States who was mayor of Springfield and a justice on the Ohio Supreme Court.
Johnson was born December 3, 1855 in Spr...
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Stanley E. Bowdle
Stanley Eyre Bowdle (September 4, 1868 – April 6, 1919) was a U.S. Representative from Ohio.Born in Clifton, Cincinnati, Ohio, Bowdle attended the public schools until fifteen years of age.He served a...
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William Bell, Jr.
William Bell, Jr. (August 23, 1828 – after 1903) was a Democratic politician in the U.S. state of Ohio who held many local offices, served in the Ohio House of Representatives, and was Ohio Secr...
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Burton J. Westcott
Burton J. Westcott (1868–1926) was one of Springfield, Ohio’s most prominent citizens and successful businessmen.
He was born in Richmond, Indiana, the son of John W. Westcott, who was the founder...
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Dennis D. Donovan
Dennis D. Donovan (January 31, 1859 – April 21, 1941) was a U.S. Representative from Ohio.Born near Texas, Ohio, Donovan attended the common schools, and Northern Indiana Normal School, Valparai...
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Jay Williams (politician)
Roy Kojo Jawara "Jay" Williams (born 1971) is the U.S. Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Economic Development. As the administrator of the Commerce Department’s Economic Development Administration...
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Cecil Bauer
Cecil "Butch" Dale Bauer (20 February 1927 – 6 August 2004) was an owner of an insurance company, former mayor of the city of Loveland, Ohio and served on city council of the city for several years.