Media bias in the United States
Media bias in the United States occurs when the media in the United States systematically emphasizes one particular point of view in a way that contravenes the standards of professional journalism. C...
Media bias in the United States - Wikipedia
MAGA teen's lawyer speaks out on $275M CNN lawsuit
Nicholas Sandmann's attorney Todd McMurtry speaks out about defamation suit against CNN on 'The Story.' TheStory FoxNews FOX News Channel (FNC) is a 24-hour all-encompassing news service dedicated to...
SERIOUSLY WATCH THIS! Leftist media propaganda on full display!
SERIOUSLY WATCH THIS! Leftist media propaganda on full display! #ExposeTheLeft #FakeNews
Trump's most heated exchanges with reporters at his longest press conference
President Donald Trump's latest press conference meant to announce his labor secretary, Alexander Acosta, saw the president lashing out at the media. He repeatedly told reporters to be quiet and sit d...
The job of a journalist is to report facts. They DON'T!
The job of a journalist is to report facts. America needs more actual journalists. Please take our survey once you watch this video. 👉
Donald J. Trump - The Fake News Media has never been so...
The Fake News Media has never been so wrong or so dirty. Purposely incorrect stories and phony sources to meet their agenda of hate. Sad!
What is Fake News?
What is fake news? Is Donald Trump correct when he says CNN, The New York Times, and other mainstream outlets report fake news? Commentator and bestselling author Andrew Klavan explains. Donate today ...
Hannity: CNN leading the collapse of liberal media
If the media want to restore credibility, they need to start covering massive scandals that have been ignored
CNN Ohio Voter Panel Shows Support For Trump Is Strong And Solid, Disappointment In Comey
CNN Ohio Voter Panel Shows Support For Trump Is Strong And Solid, Disappointment In Comey (June 8, 2017)
Study Finds Mainstream Media Coverage of Trump 89% Negative | Fox News Insider
A new report found that President Trump has received more hostile treatment from the mainstream media than any other president in U.S. history.
Newt Gingrich: Mainstream Media are the Opposition Party
Fox News and Newt Gingrich discuss the blatant media bias and their wall to wall coverage of the Abortion and Women's March in Washington compared to the nea...
Hannity: The press has declared war on the American people
The media cater to out of touch liberals who know nothing about you
The Truth About Sweden
Trump is right. Mass immigration has ruined Sweden. Statistics cited can be found at the following links:
NY Times reporter apologizes for calling First Lady Melania Trump 'a hooker'
Melania Trump thanked Emily Ratajkowski for defending her after the model claimed a New York Times reporter called the First Lady a hooker.
Trump White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer blasts the media at first press conference
President Donald Trump, who spent his first full day in office berating the media over their coverage of his inauguration, will spend Sunday engaged in more ...
Fox News Channel controversies
The Fox News Channel has been accused by academics, media figures, political figures, and watchdog groups of having various biases in their news coverage as well as more general views of a conservativ...
Fox News Channel controversies - Wikipedia
Infotainment is a neologistic portmanteau of information and entertainment, referring to a type of media which provides a combination of information and entertainment. The term can also refer to the...
Media coverage of the Iraq War
The 2003 invasion of Iraq involved unprecedented U.S. media coverage, particularly by FOX News. The coverage itself became a source of controversy, as media outlets were accused of pro-war bias, repor...
Media coverage of the Iraq War - Wikipedia
Priebus to Wallace: "It's really not about crowd size, what it's about is honesty in the media" - YouTube
White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus joins Chris Wallace for a somewhat heated exchange over the media coverage of the inauguration and the intelligence...
Media Narrative Collapse: Alan Dershowitz Defends Stephen Bannon Against Claims Of Anti-Semitism.
While People Are Quick To Throw Tags Around Famed Lawyer Alan Dershowitz Warns Against Such Tags And A Rush To Judgement.
High School Students In California March To Protest Trump Win
On Wednesday, more than 1,500 high school students and teachers in the San Francisco Bay Area city of Berkeley, walked out of classes to protest Republican D...
Pentagon military analyst program
The Pentagon military analyst program was an information operation of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) that was launched in early 2002 by then-Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs Vic...
Pentagon military analyst program - Wikipedia
Black Trump Supporter Smacks Down CNN Reporter For Race Baiting
This Trump Supporter Answers A Race Bating Question From A CNN Reporter In The Best Most Truthful Way Possible!..Awesome.
New York Times: We Blew It On Trump
The Gray Lady feels the agony of political defeat — in her reputation and in her wallet. After taking a beating almost as brutal as Hillary Clinton’s, the New York Times on Friday made an
Media Manipulation Exposed: Donald Trump Did NOT Make Fun Off A Disabled Reporter
The truth about Donald Trump and his comments about reporter Serge Kovaleski.
THE WIKILEAKS LIST: At Least 65 MSM Reporters Were Meeting With And/Or Coordinating Offline With Top Hillary Advisors
A few of the “journalists” meeting offline with Hillary advisers Thanks to Wikileaks we now know that at least 65 ...
CNN Cuts Interview Feed After Wikileaks Is Mentioned
Watch CNN’s Chris Cuomo, the same guy caught lying to Americans about their First Amendment rights, put himself in the running for a Razzie Award after the network pulled an interview with Rep. Chris ...
Mainstream Media Publicly Shamed by 20,000 Americans
Prior to commencement of a Donald Trump Rally in Cincinnati, Ohio, approx. 20,000 people in attendance shamed the mainstream media as they entered the creden...
Media bias
Media bias is the bias or perceived bias of journalists and news producers within the mass media in the selection of events and stories that are reported and how they are covered. The term "media bia...