Nautilus (counterculture publisher)
Nautilus is an Italian publisher based in Turin. Started in 1981, it is linked with Autonomism. One of its most prestigious publications is the translation, by scholar Mario Lippolis, of the complete ...
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List of radio stations in Turin
The following is a list of licensed FM/AM radio stations in the city of Turin, Italy sorted by frequency.
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L'Armonia was newspaper founded in Turin in 1848. It was ultra-conservative and Catholic in orientation. It holds the distinction of being the first publication in Italian to publish an account of t...
E Polis Torino
E Polis Torino is an Italian local newspaper owned by the San Marino-based publishing company E Polis and based in Naples, Italy. Although it is not a free newspaper, 70% of copies are distributed fre...
Tuttosport is an Italian sport newspaper published in Turin, Italy.
Tuttosport was first published on 30 July 1945. Renato Casalbore (who was to die in the 1949 Superga air disaster, together with...
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Il Sole 24 Ore Radiocor
Il Sole 24 Ore Radiocor is an Italian business and financial news agency owned by the newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore with four offices in Rome, Milan, Turin and Brussels.
Guglielmo Stefani
Guglielmo Stefani (5 July 1819 – 11 June 1861) was an Italian journalist and founder of the influential press agency Agenzia Stefani.
Guglielmo Stafani was born in Venice.After studies in Padua,...
Hurrà Juventus
Hurrà Juventus is an Italian sport magazine entirely dedicated to the football club Juventus F.C. Founded by Editor and first director Corradino Corradini during the club's Presidential Committee of W...
Il Risorgimento (newspaper)
Il Risorgimento ("The Resurgence" in English) was a liberal, nationalist newspaper founded in Turin 15 December 1847 by Count Camillo Benso di Cavour and Cesare Balbo, who was a backbone of the "neo-G...
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Lumiq Studios
Lumiq Studios S.r.l is an Italian company, Publicly owned, producing CGI and live action movies. Through its Studios, Lumiq provides support to activities of post production and digital intermediate...
Agenzia Stefani
Agenzia Stefani was the leading press agency in Italy from the mid-19th century until the end of World War II. It founded by Guglielmo Stefani on January 26, 1853 in Turin, and was closed in 29 April ...
La Stampa
La Stampa (meaning the Press in English) is an Italian daily newspaper published in Turin, Italy. It is distributed in Italy and other European nations. It is one of the oldest newspapers in Italy.
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L'Ordine Nuovo
L'Ordine Nuovo (Italian for "The New Order") was a weekly newspaper established in 1919 in Turin, Italy, by a group, including Antonio Gramsci, Angelo Tasca and Palmiro Togliatti, within the Italian S...
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City (newspaper)
City was an Italian free daily newspaper published in Italy.
City was published by RCS MediaGroup. Nine separate editions were produced for the cities of Milan, Rome, Turin, Naples, Bologna, Flore...
Gazzetta del Popolo
Gazzetta del Popolo was an Italian daily newspaper founded in Turin on 16 June 1848. It ceased publication on 31 December 1983 after 135 years of operation. Italian novelist Alberto Moravia is among f...
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Manlio Morgagni
Manlio Morgagni (June 3, 1879, in Forlì-Cesena – July 26, 1943, in Rome) was an Italian Fascist, journalist, former mayor of Milan, former member of the Senate of Italy, and director of the prominent ...
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Leggo is an Italian newspaper and was the first free daily newspaper published in Italy.
Leggo was established by Caltagirone Editore, owned by Francesco Gaetano Caltagirone, in 2001.It publishes ...
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