Medieval art
The medieval art of the Western world covers a vast scope of time and place, over 1000 years of art in Europe, and at times the Middle East and North Africa. It includes major art movements and period...
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Quebec mosque shooting: Police arrest a suspect and a witness
One of the two men detained over the incident, that killed six people, is a witness, police say.
Conserving Dürer’s Triumphal Arch
Dürer, born #onthisday in 1471, produced one of the largest prints ever – the Triumphal Arch for the Holy Roman Emperor. Altogether it’s nearly 3 meters tall and consists of 36 sheets of paper.
A Fossilised Skull Has Revealed When The Last 'Siberian Unicorn' Lived On Earth
For decades, scientists have estimated that the Siberian unicorn - a long-extinct species of mammal that looked more like a rhino than a horse - died out some 350,000 years ago , but a beautifully pre...
The Book of Miracles: Wondrous Medieval Illustrations of Divine Horror
The Book of Miracles: Wondrous Medieval Illustrations of Divine Horror
Heirs of Jewish art dealers sue Germany over art haul sold in Nazi era
The heirs call for the return of the so-called Welfenschatz, or Guelph Treasure - which they claim their ancestors sold under Nazi pressure
Medieval art
Linda Kennedy finds out what happened to the missing pages of a French Book of Hours that Henry VIII probably nicked! Painted by Bourdichon, now rated as gre...
25 Overwhelming Examples Of Gothic Architecture
In the Gothic period, designs of ecclesiastical buildings exuded a sense of faith and civic pride like these 25 overwhelming examples of Gothic architecture
Sutton Hoo - In Focus: Sutton Hoo
Welcome to In Focus. In this series we take a closer look at particular sites, finds and objects from the world of Archaeology.
Cimabue - Pre-Renaissance Art
Cimabue-Giovanni Cenni di Peppi Cimabue (c. 1240--1302), also known as Bencivieni di Pepo or in modern Italian, Benvenuto di Giuseppe, was a Florentine pain...
Gothic architecture - Gothic Art History by The Gothic period was tremendously culturally productive, in painting, sculpture, architecture and illuminated manuscripts. Thes...
Gothic architecture - Apocalyptica Fade To Black With Gothic Architecture Photos
(Roman architecture pic and a fallen tree also) Thank you everyone for the wonderful feedback. :)
Gothic architecture - Magnificent Gothic Buildings
A virtual tour of some amazing Gothic buildings from around the world.
Early Christian art
Early Christian art and architecture (or Paleochristian art) is the art produced by Christians or under Christian patronage from the earliest period of Christianity to, depending on the definition use...
Byzantine art
Byzantine art is the name for the artistic products of the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire, as well as the nations and states that inherited culturally from the empire. Though the empire itself emer...
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Migration Period art
Migration Period art denotes the artwork of the Germanic peoples during the Migration period (ca. 300-900). It includes the Migration art of the Germanic tribes on the continent, as well the start of ...
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Pre-Romanesque art
Pre-Romanesque art and architecture is the period in European art from either the emergence of the Merovingian kingdom in about 500 CE or from the Carolingian Renaissance in the late 8th century, to t...
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Romanesque art
Romanesque art is the art of Europe from approximately 1000 AD to the rise of the Gothic style in the 13th century, or later, depending on region.The preceding period is usually known as the Pre-Roma...
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Gothic art
Gothic art was a style of Medieval art that developed in Northern France out of Romanesque art in the 12th century AD, led by the concurrent development of Gothic architecture. It spread to all of W...
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Anglo-Saxon art
Anglo-Saxon art covers art produced within the Anglo-Saxon period of English history, beginning with the Migration period style that the Anglo-Saxons brought with them from the continent in the 5th c...
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Carolingian art
Carolingian art comes from the Frankish Empire in the period of roughly 120 years from about 780 to 900 — during the reign of Charlemagne and his immediate heirs — popularly known as the C...
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Celtic art
Celtic art is the art associated with the peoples known as Celts; those who spoke the Celtic languages in Europe from pre-history through to the modern period, as well as the art of ancient peoples wh...
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Insular art
Insular art, also known as Hiberno-Saxon art, is the style of art produced in the post-Roman history of the British Isles. The term derives from insula, the Latin term for "island"; in this period G...
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Islamic art
Some Islamic art featured at the Freer Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.Islamic art encompasses the visual arts produced from the 7th century onwards by people who lived within the territory that w...
Mozarabic art
Mozarabic art refers to art of Mozarabs (from musta'rab meaning “Arabized”), Iberian Christians living in Al-Andalus, the Muslim conquered territories in the period that comprises from the Arab invasi...
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Norse art
Viking art, also known commonly as Norse art, is a term widely accepted for the art of Scandinavia and Viking settlements further afield—particularly in the British Isles and Iceland—during the Viking...
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