Antoon Claeissens
Anthuenis, or Antoon Claeissens, Claessens, or Claeissins (c.1536 – 1613) was the son of Pieter Claes the elder and painted historical and allegorical subjects, and portraits.He was a native of ...
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Jacob van Oost
Jacob van Oost or Jacob van Oost I (1603–1671) was a Flemish painter of history paintings and portraits who was the most important painter of Bruges in the 17th century.
Van Oost was born in...
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Gerard David
Gerard David (c. 1460 – 13 August 1523) was an Early Netherlandish painter and manuscript illuminator known for his brilliant use of color. Only a bare outline of his life survives, although some fact...
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Pieter Claeissens the Elder
Pieter Claeissens the Elder (1500–1576), a Flemish painter of history and portraits, was the earliest of a large family of artists who lived at Bruges, where he was born. He was a pupil of Adria...
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Pierre Coustain
Pierre Coustain was a painter and sculptor at the Court of Philip the Good. His name occurs in the records of the brotherhood of St. Luke at Bruges in the year 1450 as Painter Royal.
This article...
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Hendrik van Minderhout
Hendrik van Minderhout (1632 – 22 July 1696) was a Dutch-born marine painter who was primarily active in the Flemish cities Bruges and Antwerp.
Minderhout was born in Rotterdam. For unknown reaso...
Luís Alimbrot
Luís Alimbrot (1400s – 1460s), was a Netherlandish painter from Bruges who is known for his work in Spain.
He was trained to be a painter in Bruges, where he was a member of the Guild of Sai...
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Adriaen Isenbrandt
Adriaen Isenbrandt (or Adrien, Isenbrant, Ysenbrant, Ysenbrandt or Hysebrant; between 1480 and 1490 – July 1551) was a Flemish Northern Renaissance painter, who from documentary evidence was clearly a...
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Pieter Pourbus
Pieter Jansz. Pourbus (1523 – 30 January 1584) was a Dutch-born Flemish Renaissance painter.According to Karel van Mander Pourbus was born in Gouda but moved to Bruges at a young age, where he m...
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Pieter Claeissens the Younger
Pieter Claeissens the Younger (also known as Claes, Claessen, Claeissins, Claeissz) (c. 1535, Bruges, - 1623, Bruges) was a Flemish painter.
He was the second son of Pieter Claes, the elder, who w...
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