Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Identified as Buyer of Record-Breaking da Vinci - WSJ
Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman used a distant relative as a proxy to purchase the 500-year-old “Salvator Mundi,” according to U.S. government intelligence and a Middle East art-world figure.
This Robot Of Leonardo Da Vinci Is Disturbingly Realistic
The International Robot Exhibition 2015 (iREX) opened its doors to the public on Wednesday, December 2 at the Tokyo Big Sight center for five days of displays and seminars on the latest robot technolo...
Mystery Of Mona Lisa's Smile 'Solved' As Experts Say Da Vinci Used The Same Illusion Years Before
Scientists may have discovered the secret behind one of the most famous mysteries in the history of art – the Mona Lisa’s smile. Experts from two UK universities said that a new study of another paint...
The 10 greatest works of art ever
From mysterious 30,000-year-old cave paintings to a 'cathedral of the mind' by Jackson Pollock, art critic Jonathan Jones names his favourite artworks of all time – and where in the world you can see ...
Blood on the canvas: the greatest feuds in art history
In his exhibition You Were Shit in the 80s, artist Mackie imagines fictional feuds between great artists. He didn’t need to. Real art history is riddled with rivalries – from Leonardo’s attempted cast...
Mona Lisa: Italian scientists 'close' to discovering identity of Leonardo da Vinci model
Scientists are awaiting results from carbon tests on three female bodies exhumed from a convent in Florence, central Italy, back in 2011. Lead scientist Silvano Vinceti from Italy's National Committee...
10 paintings with hidden meanings
After revelations that an artist hid a Monica Lewinsky reference in an official portrait of Bill Clinton, Mark Hudson lists 10 more paintings with secrets
The Mind of Leonardo - The Universal Genius at Work: Institute and Museum of the History of Science
Online version of an exhibition on Leonardo da Vinci at the Museum of the History of Science in Florence, Italy from March 28, 2006 to January 7, 2007.
The Drawings of Leonardo da Vinci
An ever-growing collection of drawings by Leonardo da Vinci thumbnailed and available for downloading.
Leonardo da Vinci - Possible da Vinci painting found in Scottish farmhouse; could be worth $150 million
From the blog The Sideshow: Fiona McLaren, 59, had kept an old painting in her Scottish farmhouse for decades. She reportedly didn't think much of the painting, which had been given to her as a gift b...
Leonardo da Vinci - BBC Documentary 1/18
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